13 Jan

Last Friday was a different sort of Friday night than usual and lots of fun! After a another workday with yet more school-age kids since the schools were closed practically all week last week, I had to hurry and shower and eat some leftovers so Zach and I could be at the church by 7pm. We were having dessert and bingo night and I had made my dessert back during nap time. It can be risky to make a dessert that you’ve never test-driven but I let Zach picked it out and he chose a new one. Experimenting time it was! I made Pear Custard Bars from a Taste of Home: Fall Baking magazine.


The bottom layer was made first from butter, sugar, vanilla, flour and macadamia nuts. Veggie choppers can be good for cutting up more then just veggies!

IMG_8700 IMG_8701

I baked this until done and made the custard filling from cream cheese, sugar, an egg and vanilla. Poured the custard over the then cooled crust and topped with very thinly sliced canned pear halves.

IMG_8702 IMG_8703

A cinnamon sugar combination was sprinkled over the top and baked until soft set.


I was hoping they would turn out well and they were delicious! I got several compliments from people and they were almost completely gone at the end of the night which was saying something since there were over 20 desserts there!

We sat at a table with lots of church friends and soon Bingo was underway. I’ve never actually went to a bingo hall or anything and haven’t played in years but it’s pretty fun! As long as you don’t care that it’s completely luck that is. 😉 Throughout the night I won twice and got to pick from the mostly silly assortment of prizes. The first time I actually got a good item- a new water bottle! The second time I won some shaving cream…haha. We had intermissions for dessert and each time switched up tables so that you were always sitting with new people. This was fun and I even got to meet a couple of people I didn’t know. All in all it was great fun and fellowship with a great group of people. Zach dropped me by Mom and Dad’s for just a bit after so I could share what was left of my dessert with them and then it was bed as soon as we got home.

Saturday morning I was up early but not for anything fun; time for the annual cpr training. At least I had Mom, Vicki and Kathy there too. Three hours later I had the whole day ahead and free! Zach was finishing up with the next row of cabinets (pictures tomorrow!) and I planned out the menu. By this point it was only about 1:30 and we had the entire day/night ahead with nothing scheduled!!! That felt wonderful. 🙂 After some debate about how to spend our time, we launched into “Rabenstein Game Olympics Day”. Battleship – Zach won. Scattergories – I won. Sequence – I won. 301 (Darts) – Zach won. Yahtzee- Zach won. Cribbage – Zach won. At this point I was tired of Zach winning (haha) and said I needed a break.


He said he had just the thing and took me on a drive. He was right! It was BEAUTIFUL evening with one of the best sunsets I have seen this whole winter which resulted in a *ahem* lot of photos…

IMG_8740 IMG_8743 IMG_8754

It was slippery on this hill which meant it took me a minute to get my footing! Haha

IMG_8770 IMG_8783 IMG_8785 IMG_8793

The pictures kept continuing as we headed far out into the country…

IMG_8807 IMG_8816 IMG_8828 IMG_8837 IMG_8849 IMG_8853 IMG_8860 IMG_8864 IMG_8869

When we got back from our drive we played Rummikub – Zach won and Disney Scene It – I won. This made Zach official champion of game night. 🙂 At this point one of the rules I had kept for a week got broken…it turned into a night with some drinks. Oops. See we ended up hijacking Hillary from her house to have a night of the “three best friends”, as we often refer to ourselves, to celebrate her birthday early. It was worth it. 🙂 We came back to the house and played Heads Up. We made it a 3 person game and Hillary ended up winning. Lots of laughter was involved.

IMG_8882 IMG_8885 IMG_8889

I also got to open my Christmas present from her!


Then we got ready and Zach drove us around to listen to our favorite songs and take pictures at random places.

IMG_8894 IMG_8899 IMG_8903 IMG_8905 IMG_8906 IMG_8919 IMG_8924

We stopped by Nick’s so that Hillary could use the bathroom and extended him an invitation to come join us later if he wanted. We went to D*luxe and played beer pong and Zach and I ended up running the table for a loooong time, I was doing great!

IMG_8938 IMG_8943

I eventually made Hillary play in my spot before we all went and waited in the long line outside to get into Brothers.


Nick joined us and we spent a little time there but it was just packed and was way too “college-y” for us so we all went to breakfast at Sunshine Cafe which was much more our thing. 🙂

IMG_8955 IMG_8959

It was a fun, fun night and yes, my rule is still in effect. No sense in throwing the whole month out the window just because of one indiscretion!

Sunday morning Hillary went to church with us. 🙂 She really loved it and said she even wanted to come back sometime (she goes to the church I went to in high school). I was glad because we absolutely adore our church. After taking her home it was a napping kind of afternoon. Big surprise there… I made sure to wake up in time to go over to my parents house with Zach though for the big Colts game. We played Denver for the next round of playoffs and ended up winning what was a really good game!! YAY Colts! It was fun watching the game with Dad and Zach (Mom avoids football) and eating delicious stuffed pizza from Papa Murphys. We were going to have our usual Sunday night movie at Nick’s but the game went late and the weather was turning really bad so we called it off for this week. Instead we curled up in bed and read before falling asleep at a nice early time.

*So it was really difficult to drink my gallon of water over the weekend. It’s quite a big chore on weekdays and I make it much more of a priority. I’ll just have to try harder this next weekend!*

7.5/1,200 miles.


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