9 Jan

This week has FINALLY been a low-key, easy week with no plans and full of home-cooked meals. Instead of detailing each day, since they pretty much look the same, I’ll just do an overview. Gazelle each morning which was pretty easy to get back into. No evening gym-time at all, much more difficult to get back into haha! But I’ll be there soon… Fairly easy work week with several days of older siblings/kids I used to have whose schools are closed because of the incredibly cold temps. It snowed a fair amount early Monday morning and it’s sticking around so far as the temperature hasn’t gone above like 10 degrees! It actually felt something like -25 with windchill the other morning…thanks goodness for a job where I don’t have to leave my house. 🙂

Zach and I finished up There Will be Blood over a couple of the evenings and then watched American Beauty over the course of another couple of evenings. Monday night for dinner I made Chicken Cordon Bleu Bake which sounded amazing but unfortunately was just so-so. I won’t go into a ton of detail since I don’t plan on making it again but I’ll give you the gist. Layered casserole: cooked chicken cubes, ham (I bought a heart-healthy, low-sodium kind at Meijer), can of cream of chicken soup, swiss cheese, cheddar cheese, stuffing and a little more cheddar.

IMG_8672 IMG_8673 IMG_8674

I baked this in the oven and it smelled really good! Unfortunately it didn’t taste, or look as good as it smelled.


For one thing it was just too soupy, it was surprisingly bland and I didn’t think all of the flavors went together that well which was strange since they sure sounded like they should!


Ah well, they aren’t always winners. Have to finish off the leftovers since this made quite a bit, but at least it was tolerable.

Tuesday night’s meal was much, MUCH better!


I made Cheddar Cheese and “Potato” Soup from Now Eat This. It was a healthier take on the soup and used cauliflower instead of potatoes.


I sauteed garlic and onion in a pot until cooked and then added almond milk + cauliflower. A little salt and pepper thrown in and it was left to simmer for a long time until the cauliflower was completely tender. Then I stirred in the cheese.


Two nights in a row of cheddar! I let it cool slightly before blending it in batches until completely pureed. Always be careful when blending something hot! Take lots of breaks to let the steam out or your blender will explode. The soup was topped with scallions and a little more cheese.


This was delicious! Great flavor and you don’t miss the potato one bit. Especially when you know the recipe has been cut from 669 calories a serving to 190!! The only thing I would do differently is perhaps leave part of the soup unblended because I like a chunky soup even more than just an all-pureed but this was very, very good. Concannon’s cheesecake and Netflix ended Tuesday night.

Wednesday night we ate dinner at Mom and Dad’s- cheesy cauliflower (haha!) and chicken legs in gravy over rice. All yummy as always at Mom’s. 🙂 Zach had a sound booth meeting at the church followed by a LATE night Indy soccer game so I stayed at the parents working at catching up on my TV shows. I crashed so hard when I got home that I never even heard Zach come in and hadn’t realized he was home until I woke up around 3:45 to use the bathroom! That’s some sound sleeping on my part.

Thursday night featured another “eh” meal. It wasn’t bad at all, just wasn’t anything to write home about. I made “Cooker Chops” in the crockpot and I suppose I should have been wary of making a “4-ingredient recipe!”. I simply put pork chops in the crockpot and topped them with a mix of cream of mushroom, worcestershire and ketchup.


Served over angel hair pasta. I wasn’t starving so I had a baby bowl with half a chop.


Nothing wrong with this dinner, just boring! This week was not a home-run on the flavor front.


Let’s wrap up with goals for the year + rules. This year, based on the previous two years, I am going to shoot for 1,200 miles of cardio and 200 miles of running. Let the movement begin! As for “rules”, I need to start recording my food again. I’ve had juice every morning for breakfast but have been eating a lot of holiday leftovers and takeout for lunch which needs to NOT be an everyday thing. Also, as of last Sunday, I started a “no drinking until Chicago” rule with the exception of next Friday when Zach and I have a double date. Here is my new water system-


That’s a one gallon jug that I will fill up from my filter each day and attempt to drink the whole thing. (This is just day one so I have no idea how I’ll do yet.) I know I really need to up my water intake and this seems like a good challenge! I’m going to do this for 30 days and see how I feel about it.

Pretty sure that’s all for now and I’m finally caught up, hooray!

6/1,200 miles.


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