8 Jan

Okay, let’s wrap up last weekend shall we?! After work Friday Zach and I set to taking all of Christmas down interspersed with lots and lots of darts. Box some stuff up, play Cricket; gather up decorations, play 301; etc. etc. That, plus a little wine, made a long, big job a lot more fun! Once we were done for the night Zach (surprisingly not me for once!) wanted to do something with friends. After some texting, Betsy ended up picking us up and taking us over to her and Jacob’s house where we played a game of Monopoly on their X-box. They have a projector and a big blank wall and so it makes the game board huge- so fun!


It was such a random but fun time hanging out with these guys!

IMG_8656 IMG_8658

After Monopoly we ordered pizza and Jacob wanted us to watch some movie he loves. Betsy fell asleep almost immediately as it was getting rather late but even though we were tired, Zach and I were actually quite entertained, it was a funny movie! We finally left with Jacob’s car after 3:30 in the morning!

All those holiday late nights mean holiday late mornings of sleeping in. We got up around 11:30 and had things to do for the day. Run some errands, finish putting away Christmas, cleaning and then working on the next section of cabinets. Thankfully Zach’s parents came over to help and over the course of a couple of hours we got all the sanding and 1 coat of priming done. It is such a big job! Vicki brought over pasta that we heated up and ate sitting around the couch since the dining room table was covered in all the dishes that had to be removed. Ron and Vicki liked the dart board and played a little bit too before Zach and I had to get ready to go hang out with friends. At the bowling alley by our house there was something of a Heritage Hall (our high school) get together with Leah and Grant and several people we don’t see very often. I’m an absolutely horrible bowler, but it’s always fun to do something with people. 🙂


We ended the night watching Dexter and getting to bed at a reasonable time for once.

Sunday morning brought church, lunch in front of There Will be Blood followed by Zach working on house projects some more while I had a nice looooong nap on the couch with Pirate Jack. 🙂 In my defense, Zach told me to because he is better at renovations than me. What can I say? I’m just the person with the vision. 😉 When I finally roused myself we made the menu for the week and got our groceries. Zach had some stuff to do so Hillary and I grabbed dinner at Johnny Carinos then Zach met us over at Nick’s for Sunday movie night. This week was the original X-men. Since I’d never seen any of them and we watched the very last one last week, Nick has decided to start us from the beginning. I was entertained even if it wasn’t Hillary’s cup of tea…haha. All of that wrapped up the 2014 holiday season. I was ready for Monday morning, ready to start cooking meals again and ready to get back into a routine!


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