7 Jan

Hmmm…I’m thinking two more posts and maybe I’ll be back in real time? Let’s see, last Thursday. New Year’s Day Zach and I slept until 10:30 even with the baby being up early! Though we did hear the poor thing having a melt-down in the bath when we were getting up. 🙂 Life’s tough for a 1 year old. The small bit of morning that we had to spend at home we all wrapped gifts, cleaned up from the night before and I made a much-healthier version of Spinach and Artichoke dip. The recipe is from Now Eat This and I’ve made it before. It cuts the recipe down to a fraction of the original calories and tastes delicious to boot! It’s simply a combination of canned artichokes, light mayo or a mayo sub, S+P, spinach and parmigiano reggiano cheese. Then it was off to Aunt Cindy’s for Twibell family Christmas! First though, we feasted.



That’s just a portion of the food- we had veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, chips and spinach and artichoke dip, stouffers mac and cheese (!!!), rolls, baked beans and ham. I had some of everything but the bread and beans! Zach was official ham carver this year. 🙂


Amidst the eating I played with my baby.

IMG_8570 IMG_8587

Love her! Followed by present opening during which Matilda was much more interested in the bags and paper than any of the gifts. 🙂 Here are the women of the family (plus a cousin’s girlfriend) who were present:



Everyone got some family pictures and Mom and I had to go to Dad and Zach to make them take one since they were trying to fix Aunt Cindy’s uncooperative treadmill.


We spent hours over there but I couldn’t really tell you what all we did. Mostly a lot of sitting around and chatting, watching Buster the cat and picking at the food, haha.


Once evening-time rolled around us younger folks took off for home. Matilda isn’t so fond of men holding her so she wasn’t a fan of Dad’s good-bye. 😉



Poor baby reaching for Aunt Jordan. It was a pretty Indiana sky on the drive back to our house-



Originally Heather and I had plans to go see Into the Woods which she has already seen but wanted to take me to, but Matilda had other plans. She had a really rough time getting to sleep and it was getting too late for the movie by the time she finally crashed. This worked out fine though because the 4 of us enjoyed one last evening together. We played darts, watched funny Youtube videos, spent forever trying to pick out a Netflix movie and then ended up playing Bananagrams instead after all that time. Hey, you can’t have a John & Heather, Jordan & Zach visit without Bananagrams at least once!

Friday morning it was back to work for me, whee. Sadly, that also meant it was the day John, Heather and my baby had to leave. That morning I took a few last, adorable pictures of Mattie Jo and Pirate Jack together:

IMG_8640 IMG_8642


As well as a couple of us together!

IMG_8647 IMG_8654


Then we bid our family goodbye until our annual Memorial Day weekend trip in 5 months. Five months sounds like a long time when that means my little niece will be 18 months old by then…

*So I had intentions of finishing up the whole weekend in this post but I am having trouble uploading photos so hopefully I’ll get that done tomorrow!*



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