6 Jan

Slept in a little, but not too much on New Year’s Eve morning. Heather and I had plans to get to the gym! First I hung out with a cheerful little girl though. 🙂 She was especially fascinated for awhile with some old wooden blocks that I got out. The game became for me to stack them as high as possible before she would knock them down and laugh. At the gym, which was busier than I expected, I ran a pretty dismal 3 miles. It took me almost 35 minutes!! I kept stopping and walking because I just felt a little wiped out. I blame it on the crazy holiday schedule- weird sleeping, poor eating and wine everywhere! Oh well, running 3 miles badly is still better then doing nothing.

After the gym the day passed by with cleaning the house, picking up things for the NYE party that night, running to the store with John and Heather to pick up last minute Christmas gifts and showering/getting ready for the night. We had made dinner reservations for the whole family at Barn Brasserie for 5:30. It was great having an early dinner because we beat the rush and could still get Matilda home for bed on time! They seated us all at a big table in the back room and for most of the time we had it all to ourselves. 🙂 Good for the baby and good for taking pictures!

IMG_8487 IMG_8488 IMG_8489

They had a special New Year’s Eve menu that you could order off of which would include an appetizer/salad/entree/dessert. That sounded like too much food for me but Zach went for it! So all I got was a cup of their beer cheddar soup and planned to share bites of all of Zach’s. First up were chorizo spring rolls that came with an incredible glaze and relish. I ate one and this was one of my favorite things of the night!


Aunt Cindy ordered a poutine appetizer for the table so of course I had a good share of that!


The salad Zach got was a winter squash mix and I only had a bite, I didn’t care for it much for some reason.


Then my soup came out and apparently I gave up on taking pictures. The soup was excellent though as were the few bites of Zach’s mid-rare (perfectly tender) steak with some type of delicious sauce on top that you ate with bites of sweet duck fat frites. It was all so good but I got stuffed and couldn’t eat any more of Zach’s great dinner so he boxed a lot up. His dessert was some s’mores thing but I barely had a bite because I was so full. Don’t know how he still had room for it!!

We all went back to our house after to get the real party started.


Matilda went down for bed easily and then John and Heather could join the fun.


The kitchen was filled with various wines and a lot of snacks that weren’t nibbled on until much later. People sat around visiting and basketball playing commenced.



Look at the fiercely determined look Dad gets when he plays me!!


It’s almost scary! Haha.


During the afternoon Zach had also finally set up our dart board (which Mom and Dad also got him for Christmas) and even though I don’t have photo representation, we played a loooot of darts throughout the night. It started off with normal games like Cricket and 301 and morphed into Dad and Zach throwing darts from all the way down the hall and making up crazy competitions. Good thing I put TWO box fans by Mattie Jo’s room, besides one random cry she slept soundly throughout the whole party. This was rather amazing considering we got louder and louder as the night went on. 🙂 It went from visiting and taking pictures…



IMG_8519 IMG_8530

To an incredibly rowdy and hilarious game of Things that Jacob and Betsy let us borrow (still need to buy it!!). My family was even more game for it than I expected and it was so much fun. We played forever…

IMG_8532 IMG_8536 IMG_8537

As it neared midnight some of us changed into pajamas, Heather and I had girl talk until close to the ball drop and then we took a slew of self-timered “last shots of 2015”.

IMG_8541 IMG_8545 IMG_8549 IMG_8551 IMG_8555 IMG_8558

Yes. Those happened. Then, thanks to my wonderful man, even though we don’t have cable Zach had found where we could watch the ball drop live online and hooked it up to the TV so we didn’t miss that fun tradition. Auld Lang Syne played and couples kissed:

IMG_8559 IMG_8560 IMG_8561

Then the “older folks” left and the four of us “kids” stayed up a little while longer enjoying each other’s company until close to 2:30 before it was time to call it a night. A perfect, family New Year’s Eve. Welcome 2015!

So the final mileage for 2014. In 2013 I had set a goal of reaching 1,000 miles of cardio and 200 miles of running. I far surpassed the 1,000 miles with something like 1,200 + which led me to make this year’s goal 1,400. Sadly, I fell short of that and landed at 1,048 miles for 2014. At least it was still over 1,000… I completely undershot on last year’s running goal and ended up at a mere 94 miles, which was still pretty significant for me. This led me to make my 2014 running goal 150 miles which I passed a good while ago! I ended up with 216.5 running miles this past year and THAT is quite an accomplishment. 🙂


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