5 Jan

One week ago, last Monday, besides working I spent the entire day cleaning the house and getting it ready for company. John and Heather and baby Matilda were coming for a visit!! They (along with Aunt Teresa) wouldn’t be getting in until well after we were asleep on Monday night though. So after Zach and I got the whole place ready, we took ourselves off to Chili’s for dinner to use a gift card. While we were there we played cribbage and the table (because we’re awesome) and had several different servers ask about it and comment on how fun we were, haha! Swung by Mom and Dad’s after to watch an episode of The Carbonaro Effect and then came home to get some sleep.

Sometime around 2am while we slept soundly, the family got in! When I woke in the morning it was to a baby who was much bigger than the last time I had seen her. 🙂 Matilda is a year and a month now and she’s a cheerful, adorable baby who is more fascinated with tupperware than toys and constantly says “hi! hi!” It’s so cute. I still had to work on Tuesday but once I got off I was off for the next two days! We all went over to Aunt Cindy’s that night for a Pizza King evening full of catching up with family and taking pictures of my Mattie Jo of course.

IMG_8475 IMG_8478 IMG_8482

I love that little baby so much!! She seemed to take right to her “Aunt Jordan” as well. 🙂


John and Heather left Aunt Cindy’s to put Matilda down for bed and Zach and I followed shortly after. Once the baby was asleep, the grown-ups had wine and games!


We taught John and Heather Cards Against Humanity and had by far the best time playing it yet!! We were cracking up SO hard the whole time. Heather was laughing so hard she was crying for half the game and our answers became more and more outrageous. Oh my goodness we had a great time. Wish these two lived closer (as Heather and I always lament)!!! We turned in around 11 knowing we had a big night coming up, New Year’s Eve style!


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