2 Jan

In real life, it’s Happy two-days-into-2015!! In blogging, past post life it’s Merry Christmas! šŸ˜‰ Christmas day usually has a very specific order in the Rabenstein household: big breakfast, open presents, clean/arrange presents, fix lunch, immediate family on Mom’s side comes for lunch and then whatever Christmas evening. Well this year was totally and completely different. For starters, Zach and I weren’t doing a big Christmas like usual. We usually get quite a large amount of gifts for each other but this year we are doing the kitchen/living room remodel as a big gift. We did decide to do a number of small gifts but then Zach wanted a new small laptop so all the money I would have spent on small gifts went towards that so besides and ornament, he had literally nothing to open! Then we had stayed up so late the night before and wanted to sleep in in the morning. If we slept in breakfast would be WAY too close to lunch and so we decided to flip flop Christmas. We’d sleep in, get up and clean/prepare lunch and then make our brunch our supper and open presents at night! So that is what we did.

Upon awakening Zach set to work trying to put his new arcade basketball thing together and I straightened up the house and prepared lunch. Every year it’s the same- shrimp cocktail, garlic bread, tri-colored rotini with alfredo sauce, Mom brings salad and then a dessert of my choosing. Always all good!


We had a small break after lunch during which Dad tried to help Zach with the basketball game (it took a LOT of work!!) and the rest of us scratched off lottery tickets. Of course it wasn’t until Dad and Zach paused to scratch theirs off that we had a big winner, Dad won $50!!! He buys us all tickets each year at Christmas and that’s the most anyone has ever won!



While this was going on, these were in the oven:


I made individual molten chocolate cakes from a fairly easy recipe. I served them with peppermint ice cream and they were a hit!


The insides really were perfectly melty and gooey. The perfect size too. Zach played with one of his new toys…


(though it unfortunately didn’t last long) while the cats played with their new toys!

IMG_0055 IMG_0060 IMG_0067 IMG_8308 IMG_8320

We get so much entertainment out of watching our cats, haha. When Mom and I were busy playing with and taking pictures of the cats, Dad, Zach and even Grandma finished up the basketball game set-up. It was finally ready for playing!

IMG_0073 IMG_0077 IMG_0084

This game is fun and addictive. I actually had to stop playing for a couple of days after we’d gotten it because I was starting to get so sore in the shoulders. It’s a bit of a workout too! I put my new champagne bucket to use and after awhile, got started on our “Christmas brunch for supper” meal.



I forgot to mention, but the day before I made a sweet loaf dough from this recipe. It was a little time consuming but made a great dough! So now I set about making my Creamy Caramel Crunch Rolls. Made the caramelĀ on the stovetop first-



Which went into the bottom of a greased pan. Then I rolled out my dough to the prescribed size (which was quite a chore) and spread on peanut butter-



Added a filling of brown sugar and cinnamon + chopped honey roasted peanuts-



Rolled up the loaf-



Then sliced it up and placed it in the caramel dish.

IMG_8339 IMG_8340

I had to let this sit and rise for an hour so Zach and I played more basketball and Mom and Dad (who had left to see Dad’s parents) stopped back by to play a little bit more too.

IMG_8345 IMG_8349 IMG_8351

Once they left and my rolls had risen I stuck them in the oven along with the huevos rancheros casserole I’d made the day before. I added a jar of salsa and cilantro to the top of that. We chilled with someĀ Dexter until the oven timer went off and the house smelled delicious!

IMG_8352 IMG_8353


Put some cheese on the egg casserole, let it cook just a few more minutes and served it up with greek yogurt!


Both components of this “dinner” were excellent and it was actually really fun eating our brunch for supper!



IMG_8355 IMG_8356


Throughout the day/evening I had started receiving texts from daycare parents telling me how sick their kids were. It was practically a flu epidemic and by the time we ate I only had two kids who weren’t sick. I was supposed to be open with a full class the next day but with all these sick kids I was going to have practically no one. Well the remaining parents of healthy kids were nice enough to tell me that they could keep their kids home and I could have the day off!!! That never ever happens! A fantastic Christmas gift to be sure. Suddenly I was in the middle of a 5-day weekend! We went into present opening time and I was one happy teacher. Zach got to open his lone present that was his ornament for the year. Laptop to come soon!



Then I got to open a myriad of fun, smaller gifts from him.

IMG_8360 IMG_8363 IMG_8364 IMG_8365

I got a lot of beautiful, unique clothes. Zach is SO good at buying clothes for me that it’s kind of ridiculousā€¦ Ā In the mix of movies and clothes and other things was a new game. A game I had been wanting for quite some time, Cards Against Humanity. I made him rush over to Mom and Dad’s armed with my new game and even though Mom did still have kids the next day, they played with us for awhile.

IMG_8381 IMG_8382


This game is outrageously funny. We were cracking up the entire time! It’s not entirely appropriate and is pegged as a “card game for horrible people” so you have to play with the right group but my oh my is it hilarious!

We went back home and enjoyed the rest of the night staying up late and watching Netflix and generally being overly excited to have the next day off to. It was a Merry Christmas indeed! šŸ™‚


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