30 Dec

Almost a full week later, I am finally to my Christmas Eve post! Haha playing catch-up is always a chore! Wednesday morning I got to sleep in which was so wonderful. Absolutely love having a day off of work in the middle of the week. I didn’t sleep too long though because Zach and I had a busy day ahead of us. First things first, off to the gym before they closed. I hopped on a treadmill and ran 2.5 miles. I had went in planning to run more but my legs had other plans, they were just getting awfully fatigued for some reason. That was okay though because I had plenty of other things to do! Back at home we cleaned up the house and I started working on food for the next day. Zach and I always have a big Christmas brunch and with fun dishes each year. I had two different things to make this year and luckily I could make one mostly ahead of time- Easy Huevos Rancheros Casserole.



This dish had a loooot of eggs. Look it up if you want details, but the gist is that it was an egg/potato casserole with loads of spices. There would also be several toppings added the next day. After this was tucked into the fridge for later baking, we went to the mall. The absolutely, positively insane with shoppers mall. We wouldn’t have done it if it weren’t absolutely necessary!! Haha. We picked up our last minute things and got out of there. I told Zach to take me home and keep me in the house away from the madness until it was time for our celebration. At 4 a few friends came over for the last one of Zach’s 12 beers of Christmas. For our special Christmas eve beer I made Zach let me choose it and I got it from my own personal stash. It was a 2006 Abbaye de st. bon-chien that I loved and purchased on the east coast during our 2013 vacation. I’d been waiting all this time to open it for the right occasion and decided this was it. Unfortunately it didn’t taste as good as I remembered. It was still good and people seemed to like it but it wasn’t AMAZING like before. Ah well.

People visited for quite awhile until it was time for us to get ready and go to Grandma’s for dinner!


 Every year Grandma makes the best beef stroganoff with rice and I look forward to it allll year long. So good! Before presents we took family pictures. Both normal and…not as normal.

IMG_8108 IMG_8120 IMG_8123 IMG_8130 IMG_8135

 Then we got down to present opening! Grandma had already given us presents when Uncle Greg was home at Thanksgiving but we got to open a few more creative things she had made…

IMG_8144 IMG_8148

Before having her and Larry open presents from us!


Somehow Mom convinced Grandma to turn on some channel with a fireplace that also had a cute cat wandering around on it which entertained us all more than it should have.


We couldn’t take off right after presents due to another annual tradition at Grandma’s- strawberry sorbet! Little frosted cups rimmed in sugar filled with homemade strawberry sorbet is always Christmas Eve dessert. Nothing else will do! We then had to make the exhausting trek two houses down for our big night at Mom and Dad’s.

IMG_8173 IMG_8189

 Presents abounded all over the room from them to us and us to them!

IMG_8191 IMG_8192

The festivities started with a toast and a quick Christmas game…


Then we got down to business. Zach had presents for both Mom and Dad that were specifically from HIM and I didn’t even know he was doing that!! 🙂 What a cute son-in-law he is.

IMG_8196 IMG_8197

I tricked the parents with my prank box (it’s been used twice now!) and they believed it was a real present!!


Zach and I were saying “It seems weird but we saw this on TV and it’s AWESOME!” and they were just laughing thinking we had bought something stupid just to take pictures of all of us in. When they opened it up and realized it was a fake they thought it pretty ingenious. 🙂 O’malley was too busy with his own Christmas presents to pay attention to us.


After Mom and Dad opened a few gifts they found themselves with a big box that seemed to have nothing in it…


Taped into the bottom was a paper that said 1 = W. They didn’t understand this and still didn’t understand when they unwrapped a marker. Not until I brought out a giant word puzzle I had made did they realize that all the rest of the presents were going to be numbers corresponding with letters to fill in the blanks.


With 5 presents left to open, letters left to decode, Dad figured it out and they received their surprise gift!!


We’re taking them on a trip to Chicago in February! Last year they so kindly shared their special Valentine’s trip with the two of us for a really special and fun getaway so this year we wanted to “one-up” them and take them on a pre-Valentine’s trip in style. It’s going to be pretty amazing…

On to presents for Zach and I! We received sooo many different things but here is a mere sampling…


IMG_8220 IMG_8225 IMG_8231 IMG_8233

My favorite gifts had to be an awesome metal champagne bucket and…drumroll please….a new Fitbit!!!! YASSSSSS! Beyond excited!! Zach’s favorites were a real dartboard (still figuring out where to hang in our house) and this incredible arcade-style basketball game. We have been playing on this non-stop since Christmas day. It’s realllly good quality. We took a break for snacks in the kitchen, Mom made a yummy taco dip, then it was on to stockings. Our stocking are generally filled with smaller cheap things that are fun and sometimes useful. And there’s always paper towel and toilet paper thrown in there to take up space. 😉

IMG_8235 IMG_8238

 I got a lot of good books! I played my annual cone game which involves finding and collecting 3 gold cones off the tree with money in them. It’s specifically between Dad and me and he hides them better and harder every year!!


Christmas Eve at Mom and Dad’s ends with the reading of our annual Christmas books. This year Mom added two in there so we had a whole pile to go through. It’s another of my favorite parts, especially the last book we read- “Coyote Christmas”. Such a special time.

IMG_8252 IMG_8263

 Zach and I came home for our own Christmas Eve traditions and then fell asleep watching A Muppet Christmas Carol on Netflix. It was a very MERRY Christmas Eve to us all!!!

1,043.5/1,400 miles. 212/150 running miles.


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  1. Mom January 2, 2015 at 12:46 pm #

    🙂 A Merry Christmas had by all!!!

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