23 Dec

Where to even begin after the past 4 days?! Thursday from the time work started until I got off at 2 was rush, rush, rush. I managed to get my gazelle time in and then had a very full day. The kids weren’t exactly being angels either. About 2 hours before my sub showed up, I told Christine that I needed her to grab me things to pack because we would be leaving and not returning until the next day. She had no clue where we were going or what we’d be doing and I was SO excited about her surprise! We took off in the car and a little over two hours later we pulled up outside “Annandale House”, the cabin in Brown County that I had booked off Airbnb! I was hoping it could live up to the photos online but turns out the pictures didn’t even do it justice. For starters, it was HUGE- three stories to be exact. There were so many bedrooms that we could have easily stayed here with like 6 other people. Here’s the bedroom we ended up claiming for the night-


It had a bathroom attached with a really cool, old tub that Christine loved immediately.


The living room was a big open space connected to the all-wooden dining room and nice little kitchen.

IMG_7836 IMG_7837

There were decks off the living room area as well as a huge wraparound deck downstairs that claimed a good portion of our time. Also downstairs were two more beds, a bathroom with another unique tub, a bar area with a million games that we never actually played (although we entertained ourselves with pictures from “Awkward Family Photos” all night), a pool table and best of all – the decks with a view of nothing but Brown County woods and hills.


IMG_7841 IMG_7846

I think we were only upstairs once for the sole purpose of taking pictures. More bedrooms, more bathrooms and a neat loft with a bed and director’s chair that overlooked the vast living area below.



Once we’d sufficiently explored the whole house and opened our champagne that was corked so tightly I almost threw my back out…we made for the deck to take advantage of the little bit of daylight that was left to do what else but set up the tripod for best friend picture time.

IMG_7857 IMG_7862 IMG_7866 IMG_7876 IMG_7882

It may be hard to see, but there was a really pretty small lake back behind us in the last couple of pictures. We meandered inside where I started a game of pool with probably the best break I’ve ever done. Which isn’t saying a lot. After only one hit though pool was temporarily abandoned in favor of the kind of long, deep heart to hearts that only best friends and a glass of champagne can produce. Eventually I corralled us into the bathroom to “get ready” which involved changing and putting on makeup while we laughed about getting ready simply for each other and our pictures. 🙂 Which, of course, more followed.

IMG_7891 IMG_7902 IMG_7916

I ran up into our little curtained gazebo to take a couple of pictures of our hot tub before I forgot about doing that.



How great is that?! It was getting dark enough out that you could see into our cabin set ablaze with lights and we drug a huge, fluffy white comforter outside so we could sit on our deck and enjoy the outdoors.

IMG_7922 IMG_7923

I got a couple of pictures of the beautiful, stark trees with the last bit of daylight left. The first picture is edited, it just made the trees look how I sometimes imagine them in the fantasy corner of my mind.

IMG_7926 - Version 2 IMG_7927


When we went back inside we picked up on the game of pool that had never really started and proceeded to have a lot of fun playing badly for quite awhile.

IMG_7928 IMG_7931

Christine ended up beating me, despite hitting one of my own balls in, and we ended up in the bathroom having deep talks because why not. We started getting hungry and began looking up pizza places to deliver to us only to discover that out in nowhere, Indiana only one place would deliver to us and they closed in less than half an hour! I got on the phone and ordered us an enormous pizza since when I tried to get a 10″ the bill wasn’t high enough for delivery. That’s how we ended up with a 14″ half pineapple/half royal feast pizza plus 3 breadsticks.


Our Pizza King at home gives us 5 breadsticks…though not like we needed more! It may have looked like Pizza King pizza and called itself Pizza King pizza but it was NOT as good as what we have in Muncie. For a night of hanging out at a cabin though, it more than sufficed. 🙂 We did serious damage on the pizza and then sat on the couch in our bikinis (hot tub ready) editing the pictures we’d taken so far. Then around 10:30 Christine falls asleep on the couch and I sit there thinking “Well, perhaps we aren’t getting in the hot tub after all” and debating how scary it would be to get in alone. I watched Netflix and suddenly around midnight Christine pops back up asking what time it was and the two of us got in the hot tub after all. Haha!


We were out there well over an hour and it was completely unique being outside in a hot tub in the middle of the night in the Brown County woods. We heard owls hooting and I hooted at them in the style I’d been taught on a night-time nature walk as a kid in, where else, Brown County; they hooted back!! “Who cooks for you?!” We were giddy with being tired at this point so owls hooting back seemed like the best thing in the world. 🙂 Around 1:30 we pulled ourselves out and went back into the house to make videos on laptop and watch old videos of ourselves until we called it a night around 2:30. A very fun, very successful night.

The next morning I was up by 8:45 and Christine followed soon after. It was a beautiful day outside and nice to see everything in early morning daylight. We laughed at our messy cabin (how much stuff did we bring?! were we only here for one night??), cringed at the demolished pizza and stood out on the deck in the fresh air listening to Pandora.


Packed up and left Annandale house and it’s magic forest world behind.

IMG_7951 1911882_10204424563992080_2845029197893084590_n

We detoured to Bloomington on the way home per the request of Christine where we ended up in one of her old college haunts having bloody mary’s and some type of breadstick stuffed with pepperoni and cheese. The road back to Muncie started seeming pretty long so that by the time we pulled in the driveway we were exhausted and her, I and Pirate Jack all took a good afternoon nap in my room together. The evening that followed was nice and low-key. Lots of friends over for Zach’s daily beer tasting during which strange conversation ranged from T-rex’s in beanies to the lion being the king of the desert not the jungle. People trickled out and Zach picked the three of us up some Thai Smile and we ate in our blanket “fort” on the floor watching Crash since Christine had never seen it. Which, by the way, if you have never seen it – you should. It is a fantastic movie on breaking stereotypes and racial discrimination; heart wrenching really. Bed-time followed this. We needed to catch up on sleep for the next big day ahead!!


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