15 Dec

Have I mentioned how much we love weddings? I am pretty sure I say that after every wedding. Haha but we do so much! Jesse’s wedding was so incredibly fun. So Saturday morning we got up, threw all our stuff in a bag (which resulted in me forgetting TOOTHPASTE!! What?! I never forget anything…), Zach made juices for the road and took off. We had really the perfect day for driving- minimal traffic, gray skies so it wasn’t bright and sunny but no rain and good company. 🙂 Almost 6 hours later, and a time change we’d forgotten about ha!, we pulled up in a slightly run down neighborhood in front of our AirBNB house. We sat in our car overlooking downtown Nashville for about 15 minutes because I hadn’t heard from the person who was supposed to let us in. Right after that though her husband showed us around the place and it was great!!

IMG_7678 IMG_7679

We had the whole little house and it was so nice and clean and updated.

IMG_7681 IMG_7684

The lock was some kind of weird, “futuristic” black screen that you swipe and numbers appear magically to get in. Cool. We didn’t really have any downtime at all so after we’d explored we started getting ready for the wedding. We had just enough time to set up the tripod and take pictures before leaving.

IMG_7693 IMG_7695 IMG_7701 IMG_7712

I introduced Zach to Uber and he is now a huge fan of the much-cheaper-and-arrives-faster-than-a-taxi service. Our Uber drove us just a few minutes away to Cannery Row, an old cannery that was such a cool venue for a wedding.




They were up on the third floor overlooking Nashville and it was all wood/exposed brick/beams type of a place.


They had it decorated simply and beautifully with lights and greenery and a book theme.

IMG_7716 IMG_7719

The wedding was longer than most but it wasn’t tedious. Their pastor was a great speaker and told their stories so well that it really brought you in to their relationship; which was nice because we don’t know Jesse’s wife at all so it helped us feel more involved. She looked lovely and Jess looked so happy. We hadn’t seen him in FAR too long but he was the same old Jesse. After the wedding they dismissed us into a room off to the side while they converted the room into a place for the reception. Our side room had a big photo booth area which was their version of a guest book, so fun!


It also had an open bar. Thank you. 🙂 Zach and I got wine and stood in our own little world talking and laughing. We have been to so many weddings where we don’t know like ANYONE but we always have so much fun.

IMG_7721 IMG_7725

Turns out we did know someone at this wedding though (besides Jesse’s sisters and mom). When we found our table number via the adorable card catalog filing system (book theme continued) we were seated next to Kassey, a girl I knew from high school and became friends with through the gym as adults. I even met with her before her wedding last year to give marriage advice! It was fun to catch up with her and meet her friend she brought as a date since her husband couldn’t make it.

IMG_7727 IMG_7731

They had the schedule of the evening on the tables and after all the wedding party came in they dismissed us table by table to get food. Pretty sure we were the last table to eat. Haha Dinner was so cool because the food was actually very casual, it was buffet style and catered by a Nashville favorite, Two Boots Pizza. But it felt nicer too because we ate with really nice dish ware and there was a fancy chalkboard with all the available food written on it in beautiful writing. I got salad, 1 piece of bread that was like a doughy breadstick in the shape of a roll which was awesome and a piece of hot chicken pizza that was spicy and delicious.


I thought I was going to stuff my face with pizza but I got full super fast and that ended up being all I ate! Then we danced, danced, danced to the live jazz band. SO fun! Zach and I are absolutely not good dancers but we always have the best time pretending that we are. 😉


In between dancing there were toasts, a bouquet toss and the “donut cutting”. Jesse and Leah had a huge donut for the two of them and then there were several varieties of individual sized donuts for everyone. I had almost half of Zach’s chocolate cruller and it was fantastic. We managed to snag a few minutes of conversation with Jesse and Leah and got a picture in the process.


They are headed to Hawaii for their honeymoon! That’s where we went. 🙂 We stayed almost up until the end but left before the sparkler sendoff to walk the decent distance to downtown Nashville. Photo ops on the way…

IMG_7746 IMG_7749

Or “Nash-Vegas” as Kori and I so aptly named it on our trip there a couple of years ago. Now Zach understands that name. It’s just crazy down there! Neon lights everywhere, boot stores with outrageous prices, live music pouring out of every venue and people, people, people.


On this specific night people were dressed like santa all over the place. We popped in and out of several places. Checked out some honky tonk bar with 3 floors then found a cool upstairs place that had fire outside and a good band inside.


We sat on stools and listened to too much country music then decided to get an Uber back to our place. We were leaving at the time that most people arrive to go out, haha getting older… It was such a fun night, a wonderful quick adventure in Nashville, TN!


Didn’t get any formal exercise in but I did take my jump rope and did some sets at our place before we got ready, danced a good amount and then walked a TON that night. That all counts! 🙂

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – juice, a few of Zach’s cheese puffs
  • Supper – salad, 1 pc. of bread, 1 pc. of pizza, 1/2 donut, wine

Sunday morning, despite the late night before, I had us up at 8am to go for a run! I absolutely love running in new cities. A change of scenery is always nice and it’s a fun way to see the town. Zach and I ran 2 hilly miles in 22 minutes and saw some nicer parts of Nashville and some unsavory parts, haha. We packed up and took off and made good time coming home! On our way to our house we stopped at one of Zach’s parents properties to take some Christmas pictures with them.

IMG_7781 IMG_7783 IMG_7792

We had a wide variety of poses and outfits and they were fun. 🙂

IMG_7785 IMG_7787 IMG_7795 IMG_7798

After that it was yet another busy day/night! Zach ran to the store while I straightened up the house before people came over. Then I set to work making the peppermint fudge I make every year and Zach made a big thing of guacamole. He makes the best guac. We were making this stuff for our annual “White Christmas Night” with Mom and Dad but first we had people over. Zach, for the second year in a row, is doing the “12 beers of Christmas” and each day he designates a time, people come over and he pops something special from his cellar. We sat around with the 8 people who showed up and visited before going to my parents at 6.


We always have quite the feast over there! There was mac and cheese, veggies and dip, chips and guac, cheese and crackers, baked cream cheese, streusel, lil smokies and my fudge.


I was HUNGRY after not having lunch and I ate plenty. 🙂 Mom makes wine spritzers with fruit in them each year as well and so of course we had those too.


We piled our plates high and settled in to watch White Christmas for probably the 26th time in my life considering we watch it once a year. 🙂

IMG_7810 IMG_7812

Seems like every year there is something different that we do, one year we did trivia questions, once we had a little game, well this year was apparently the year for dancing. Zach and Dad randomly got up to do their rendition of some of the dances…


Which was incredibly comical. Then apparently it was Mom and I’s turn during “Sister, Sister”-


Then Mom and Dad did a little dance too.


Silly family. 🙂 Loved watching our movie as always, another tradition down! We came home and went to bed plenty early to catch up on missed sleep from the night before. This week brings more Christmas fun and business and Christine gets in Wednesday night!!!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana
  • Lunch – nothing, we were driving home and I wasn’t hungry
  • Supper – White Christmas feast, 2 spritzers

1,019.5/1,400 miles. 201/150 running miles!!


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