9 Dec

I meant to get my weekend post done yesterday but it was SUCH a busy day!! So here I am writing it today. 🙂 Friday night after sanding cabinets until I felt like my arms would fall off, it was time for a break. Zach and I went to campus to meet up with some friends. Zach and Betsy both have December birthdays that don’t get as recognized so we decided to celebrate on a random Friday night. It was totally last minute and barely anyone could come but the six of us that did…had an awesome time!




We met Betsy’s brother Thomas for the first time and he was a fun guy who will now be a staple at events. 🙂 We talked and played games that got quite hilarious and then we worked up enough courage that all 6 of us sang karaoke to “Bohemian Rhapsody”. That happened. Hahaha I am sure it sounded pretty awful but it was fun! As it got later Hillary had to leave and the 5 of us that were left hit a few more places- we played pool, sang more karaoke, got Mexican food from a new little place and hung out late into the night (early into the morning?).


A blast I tell you! Thomas was the one driving us all, so that was nice. By the time we went to sleep I knew we would need to sleep in a good amount in the morning in order to get a normal amount of hours!!

I slept my exact 8 hours and then popped up ready to tackle what I had already decided I would be doing this day- going on a 4 mile run. It was cold and windy and I bundled up, iPod in hand and hit the Greenway. I almost didn’t even look at the time when I started because I knew it wouldn’t be a good time at all (I don’t even remember the last time I ran 4 miles) but I decided just to check so I could gauge progress the next time I did it. Two miles in I was feeling really good and was surprised to see that I was slightly under 21 minutes, which is faster than I have been running. I knew I’d most likely be slower on the next two miles but when I checked my time with just half a mile to go I couldn’t believe what it said. I kept a good pace to the finish and ended up running 4 miles in 39 minutes!!! I have never ever ran 4 miles in under 40 minutes. Or even in 40 minutes… That means I kept a sub-10 minute pace which I was shocked by! It was the first time I’ve ran with an iPod in quite some time and I suppose the sprint speed work I’ve been doing combined with the distraction of the music helped me crank that out. I was incredibly proud. 🙂

The afternoon was spent pretty lazily with a little sanding/priming thrown in there. Before long Zach and I were getting ready to go to Indy for Mom’s birthday dinner at Divvy. Divvy is a small plates restaurant that we’d been to once before, the four of us, for Mother’s Day and Mom has always wanted to go back.


This place is so great because not only is their food amazing, the restaurant 21+ (so no noisy kids) but it’s perfect for variety since you get to share so many small dishes!


I’ll go through our night in food, sadly I couldn’t find the in depth descriptions of the items because they all make them sound amazing!

Starting with our favorite from last time that took a top spot once again, Pimiento Puffs:



The taco dust on the top is one of my favorite parts and LOVE that dipping sauce.

Shoestring Fries:



Good as far as fries go but in the scheme of dishes for the night, this was the most boring.

Chorizo Balls:



They weren’t quite as awesome as they sounded on the menu but were still yummy!

Pork Belly



This is in some type of maple glaze which pairs excellently with it. This is one of Mom and Zach’s favorite dishes, it practically melts in your mouth!

Grilled Quail:



Another of our favorites of the night, especially with that horseradish mustard. Cooked perfectly!

Brussels Sprouts:



A pretty basic brussels dish that we all really liked besides Dad (veggies aren’t his thing).

Last savory item, Steak Bites:



Horrible picture. Great dish! Pieces of steak among a potato/onion hash. This was another meat cooked perfectly. We were pretty full by this point but we did save room for some dessert. 🙂


A tasting plate- Zach had one banana cream potsticker with caramel (first on the left) and I had the other, he and I shared the orange cream filled, chocolate covered profiterole and Mom ate the blondie bite with whipped cream. We also got some awesome dessert drinks, check these out!

IMG_7571 IMG_7572 IMG_7573

Mom’s was the first one which was like a mudslide that came with a huge chocolate covered marshmallow, Zach’s was next and it was a stout with ice cream (a beer float) with chocolate covered bacon!! and mine was a red-hot, cinnamon drink. They were so fun! Mom and I got a picture out front while Dad pulled the car up,


Then we went back to their house for a family shot and a little bit of watching The Carbonaro Effect.


A happy early birthday to my beautiful mommy. 🙂

Sunday morning was the typical church and grocery shopping followed by the not-so-typical priming cabinets and going to a birthday party. Whose party?


Leah’s baby Connor turned 1! He had a cute farm themed birthday with a super cool cake. This was just his little smash cake and it was cute too. He was not one of those “head-first into the cake” babies, he ate very carefully and deliberately. 🙂 Zach and I colored pictures of farm animals and I got to visit with Leah a little bit between the eating and present opening hoopla.


Excited this lady is coming to the Christmas party next weekend! 🙂 Zach and I came home to more and more priming and his parents even stopped by and pitched in which got it done in a much more timely fashion. Finally at 7:30 we stopped and grabbed some dinner to take to Nick’s. Walking Dead isn’t back on until February but our little Sunday night group is going to continue getting together anyway since it’s so much fun. 🙂 That weekend may have looked a little busy and event-filled, but let me tell you- it is only going to get crazier from here on out! It’s officially the holiday season. 🙂

992/1,400 miles. 194.5/150 running miles.



  1. Mom December 11, 2014 at 9:18 am #

    Thanks for the Divvy dinner!!! Always fun and delicious!

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