5 Dec

Now that it is almost the weekend…I suppose I should catch up the last weekend!! I meant to post this picture on the post about the Turkey Burn but forgot:



Those are our cool shirts we got for participating. Once we got home Zach made us an incredibly delicious brunch.



It’s tradition that he always makes us brunch the day we set up Christmas decorations and this year he did not disappoint. He made some delicious egg dish and sausage balls made with venison that were excellent! Then we got started on the enormous task that is transforming our house for Christmas.



Possibly one of my favorite ornaments ever. We set up our tree…


Our village…


And even decorated the cats while we were at it!


All of this hard work was helped along by our very own bloody mary bar!


Ever since Zach and I had that fabulous set-up in Holland, MI we have been accumulating products to make the ideal bloody mary. The three ball jars to the left of the mixes were the 3 infused vodkas we made. I found my perfect proportions are 2 parts cucumber to 1 part hot pepper. We’re getting pretty good at this stuff. 🙂

We had maybe a half hour to veg and watch Netflix after our long day before we went to Grandma’s Muncie house for Christmas!! Yes, Christmas the day after Thanksgiving. This was Christmas with Uncle Greg since he was home and won’t be again for some time. We started off with a feast!


Are those not adorable? Grandma made pinecones out of dip for crackers + almonds. We also had veggies and dip and two different kinds of croissant roll-ups she got recipes off of Pinterest for. They were really good!! Family shots came next-

IMG_7469 IMG_7470


Then present time!


Grandma also gave us all some presents too because she wanted us all to open them at the same time.


She made everyone aprons from some of my grandpa’s old Hawaiian shirts. My grandpa passed away several years ago and this was such a touching, sweet gift. We all loved them! And of course posed in them.


After all of this it was time for the annual box game Every year either Mom, Grandma or I am in charge of putting this together. We wrap box inside of box inside of box inside of box as difficult as possible and then use oven mitts to try to get into them. We pass around a die that we roll to try to get the “magic number” so you can have a turn. The person with the gloves gets to keep playing until someone rolls the number. This year was Mom’s turn and she wrapped it well!!

IMG_7488 IMG_7490

It gets rather vicious involving stomping and biting and general madness…

IMG_7493 IMG_7497

We all tried our best but this year Dad prevailed.


A fun night with family and then we came home to our shows and sleep.

Saturday morning we slept in a bit before going to Lowes with some new gift cards we got courtesy of Uncle Greg the night before. We are doing a big remodel of our kitchen and front living room and have lots of projects ahead of us. First up was purchasing sanding stuff and primer so we can sand our wood cabinets and then prime them for paint. Can’t wait to see how this comes along!

Zach left mid-afternoon to go hunting and shortly after I picked up Hillary for our date in Indy. We had bought groupons for Studio Movie Grill awhile back and it was the perfect time to use them! At Studio Movie Grill you get to drink and eat while watching a movie from a comfortable leather chair. Score.


We saw a funny movie, had good wine and then I surprised her with a little early Christmas “gift”. I took her to a nearby hotel and said, “We aren’t going home tonight!”

IMG_7520 IMG_7521

She was so excited. 🙂 We spent a little time in our room and then took an Uber (basically the new way to taxi) to a nearby place- Saddle Up Saloon.



I would only go spend the evening in a country bar for one of my best friends. 🙂 We had a great time though and it made a fun little impromptu night.

Sunday I will keep brief- came home from Indy, napped, cleaned up the house, Puerta with friends and weekly Walking Dead at Nick’s. And that wraps up Thanksgiving weekend!


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