2 Dec

Thanksgiving. A holiday that starts with a fantastic workout. 🙂 Zach and I woke up Thanksgiving morning at the bright early hour of 7:15. We got up, drank a juice made by Zach, dressed in our warmest running gear and headed downtown to the Turkey Trot. This is an annual “race” held on the Greenway every Thanksgiving morning. You can go as much as 2.5 miles out in either direction (which would make a 5 mile run) but Zach and I stuck with going 1.5 out and back in for a solid 3 miles.


It was freezing at the beginning but trust me, as we carried on we got warmer and warmer to the point were one and a half miles in I was regretting wearing such a bulky coat! By the time we wrapped up 3 miles I was a little tired but proud of us for doing a good, athletic feat that few on Thanksgiving morning were doing.


We hurried home afterwards where I had a literal hourly schedule so I could make sure to get everything done in time that I needed to do. First up was working on my other dessert (simple dirt pudding was already done and in the fridge) which was an Upside-down Apple Pie. This was a slightly technical recipe and I can’t say I wasn’t nervous about how it would all go. First I made the bottom of the pie, which would end up being the top, from pecans + brown sugar + butter.


This was pressed into the bottom of a pie pan lined with heavy duty foil.


Then I took my dough out of the fridge, which if you can remember I had made the night before from scratch, and I rolled it out with a rolling pin.


I had fairly exact measurements I needed to follow and this was no easy feat!! Can’t let it get too thin or it rips, can’t let it be too thick or it’s not the right size, can’t have some areas thicker than others or it won’t cook evenly, etc. etc. Then there was the dicey chore of peeling it off the wax paper and pressing it into the pie pan without it breaking or misshaping. Basically I got one shot at that and luckily it went smoothly! To go inside the crust I peeled a million (okay, not quite…) apples and sliced them thinly.


Filling was made from apples, sugar, flour, cinnamon and nutmeg. Tossed it all together and scooped it into the pie dish. Then I went through the tedious crust rolling process again to make the second half. I had to size it just right, drape it over the apple filling, press the crust from the bottom up and over the edges and hand flute the whole thing before adding a few slits into the top of the pie.


Turned out pretty well if I do say so myself! I stuck this in the oven to bake and jumped in the shower before getting started on the next dish of the day – green bean casserole. I make that every year and didn’t take any pictures of the process but it’s a Paula Deen recipe which is oh so unhealthy and oh so tasty! 🙂 While in the midst of making my casserole the pie came out to cool.


After it set for about 15 minutes it was time for the nerve-wracking part, the upside-down part.


I had to invert the pie onto a serving plate then peel off the foil and hope for the best.


It turned out perfectly!!!

IMG_7409 IMG_7411

No cracks or tears or breaks or anything, it was beautiful. 🙂 I made a glaze to go on the top from orange juice + powdered sugar but didn’t take a picture with that on there. My green bean casseroles finished right in time for us to head out the door and to Auntie Marilyn’s house for Thanksgiving dinner.

IMG_7412 IMG_7413

Those tables are just a fraction of the food represented… We had SO many people at this Thanksgiving including several people I didn’t know. Haha They weren’t actually my relatives, they were family members from Auntie Marilyn’s other side of the family. We ate plentiful lunches and believe it or not I only fixed myself one plate, I was just too full for seconds! Everything was completely delicious though. My family sat around a big table talking and laughing through the whole meal.


Of course I had to try my pie so I had a small piece of that and it turned out really well. It was a lot of work and pie is not my favorite dessert but everyone seemed to love it so much that I suppose I will have to make it again some time. I don’t remember the last time it actually snowed on Thanksgiving but it made it quite beautiful outside.


We had wine and visited the afternoon away, complete with a few pictures.

IMG_7415 IMG_7417

We took off late afternoon to go have some down-time before getting back together at Grandma and Larry’s later that night. Zach had to stop by his grandparent’s field to retrieve some binoculars he’d left out in the woods on the way home. Well I didn’t want to sit in the car for 20 minutes (the binoculars were way out there) so I jumped out and headed with him. Dressed like this:




(Plus a coat.) I traipsed around the muddy field in high heels like some kind of crazy woman. Zach thought I was nuts but I thought the exercise couldn’t hurt and I would have been bored in the car. 🙂 The best part was coming back in when a conservation officer pulls up to the field to question us about what the heck we are doing. He went from seeming almost stern to being startled by how I was dressed to laughing at us and telling us we were pretty awesome. Haha oh memories. By the time we got home we didn’t have long before we were heading to Grandma’s so we amused ourselves by giving the cats a sock full of catnip. Somehow this turned into us just flat out dumping the catnip on the kitchen floor and the cats had an absolute heyday.

IMG_7431 IMG_7435

Happy Thanksgiving, cats. 🙂 At Grandma’s we heated up some leftovers from the day and she had made some type of chicken enchiladas that were EXCELLENT!


Despite still being a little full from lunch I had not one but two of those enchiladas. Yum! We all sat around and socialized for awhile and then Zach and I went back to Muncie for our annual Thanksgiving night tradition, seeing a movie. We have done this everything Thanksgiving as long as I can remember. I was super tired when we got to the theater but if anything could have woken me up and kept me awake and interested for the next 2 1/2 hours, it was Mockingjay. Great movie. We went home to sleep as other people were flooding the roads to begin Black Friday shopping which apparently starts on Thursday now… NO thanks. 🙂

974/1,400 miles. 189/150 running miles. (Will I break 200?!)


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