25 Nov

Don’t you love when you make a meal that just looks okay and it turns out great? That’s what happened for me last night. 🙂 Yesterday was a very dark and rainy Monday and I had a new 18 month old start. He did super well, I really couldn’t have asked for him to be better, but it still made for an overwhelming, busy day. I now have 3 kids under 2 years of age which makes for a VERY young class this year. That has its pros and cons but it is definitely more hands-on for me than when I have an older group. By the end of the workday I was pretty wiped out and battling a cold but I headed to TRX anyway and had a good 30 minutes of maxing out my reps on some challenging moves! Thankfully Zach was at home cleaning while I was at the gym because while I got some cleaning done during the day, I didn’t get my usual amount of “prepping for Bible study” completed.

I was sluggish and lazy by the time I got home from the gym but studying Philippians with some great people truly helped perk me up. It’s good to have something take your mind off of yourself for awhile! When everyone left I put dinner together. Garlic Pork Balsamico was our entree from Easy Dinners, Healthy Recipes and it was one of those that I picked out more because it looked simple and healthy than because I thought it looked absolutely delicious. Back at nap time the only things I did in preparation for this was to trim and slice a pork loin and boil 10 cloves of garlic in water before peeling them.


After Bible study I pressed dried rosemary into both sides of the pork loin and cooked the slices in oil along with the garlic cloves.


While that cooked I made a sauce from balsamic vinegar, water and honey mustard.



Pirate Jack did kitchen tricks.


The pork came out of the pan and the sauce went in. I brought it to boiling and then let it simmer and thicken (stirring frequently) for just a couple of minutes. The sauce + garlic went on top of the pork and we ate it with a side of corn.


Now it may just be that hunger is the best seasoning, and I WAS very hungry, but this was delicious!!


The pork was cooked just right, the garlic had given it lots of flavor and the rosemary pressed into it was excellent. I had to remind myself to chew my food well and not swallow it whole and I was very pleased with how this simple recipe had turned out.


The fact that it was only 143 (!!!) calories a serving wasn’t bad either. 😉 We watched Dexter and got a snack. We got blizzards from Dairy Queen which we don’t do all that often, I don’t absolutely love soft serve, but every once in awhile they sound good. I need a meme like the “most interesting man in the world” and it would say: “I don’t always get blizzards from DQ, but when I do I get two mini instead of a small for varieties’ sake”. 🙂 Which I did.

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – juice
  • Supper – corn, pork, 2 mini blizzards

961/1,400 miles


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