18 Nov

Even when I have yoga on Saturday mornings I don’t get up until 8:30 but last Saturday I had to be up at 7:30am. Yuck. Mom and I had a baby shower to attend…that was 3 hours away! Mom’s life-long best friend Tena, who has come to many events of mine of the years, was throwing a shower for her daughter Kaela. I just went to a wedding shower for Kaela a year and a half back but now she is having a little girl!!  Mom and I had an easy, if a little long, 3 hour drive to Sylvania, Ohio. The fun thing about going on road trips with Mom is that I get to drive her cool yellow camaro that is just like Bumblebee from Transformers. 🙂 The shower was held at Tena’s church which makes a really cool event space!



Shortly after we got there Tena came up and let us know that no one had brought a camera (how does that even happen?!) and from that point I was designated as the official shower photographer. Surprise, surprise. 🙂 I took loads of pictures for them but I will only share a few on here…


We ate finger foods like pumpkin bread, mini-quiche, fruit kabobs and mini-sandwiches before playing a couple of games. The first game was to reveal the name of the baby and any of us who had a letter taped under our chair went up to the front to unscramble them and create a name.


The e at the end got cut off but there you have it – Ruby Grace! Loooots of present unwrapping followed with a brief intermission for cake. I managed to snag a picture with the adorable Mommy-to-be before Mom and I took back off for home.



A total of six hours in the car for only a 3 hour shower? This called for a special side-trip and I surprised Mom by taking a little detour on the way home…


Any guesses as to where we went?


If you guessed winery you are correct! This was Two E’s winery, a new stop for even me. Mom and I did a tasting first-


And then got one of the awesome looking wine slushies we saw everyone slurping.


This was half white sangria/half a concord red and it was good! Although any time we tried to drink too quickly out of that enormous straw we ended up with a brain freeze. Our verdict on this place was that their wine in general was just all right but the atmosphere/decor was awesome- everywhere you looked had a hip, modern vibe. Check out this awesome Marilyn Monroe made from corks!!


They also had lots of natural stone outside that lent to the overall feeling that this place was just super cool.



Mom was surprised and of course loved our pit stop. 🙂


We got home and parted ways and Zach and I finished the movie Se7en then hit up Thai Smile for dinner. Yummmm curry and pad thai! We watched some Netflix, or rather Zach watched some Netflix and I promptly fell asleep on the couch. I was tired from not getting much sleep the night before and I ended up sleeping 12 hours Saturday night!!

Sunday morning I was incredibly rested and woke up well before church. This enabled Zach and I to enjoy a nice egg and bacon breakfast together before we had to get ready. 🙂 Mom and I taught and then went to do a little Christmas shopping afterwards. I didn’t have very long to shop though because I had to get back home and get ready for a date with Leah!! We hadn’t gotten to hang out in months and our visit was long overdue. Tonne + a bottle of semi-dry Traminette was just what the doctor ordered.

IMG_7339 IMG_7340

We were there for TWO AND A HALF hours (we did not realize it had been that long, haha) just talking and catching up on life and the fact that she now almost has a one-year-old. Crazy how time flies… We realized 10 minutes before they closed that they would, indeed be closing in 10 minutes and we quickly finished up.


The whole time we were there it snowed and snowed and by the time we left everything was white outside. We went to Puerto Vallarta for an early dinner and had delicious, greasy Mexican. We probably could have sat and visited for much longer but Leah had to drive back to Indy and the snow just wasn’t stopping! Zach was with the guys for the evening so I went to Mom and Dad’s to hang out, watch some Biggest Loser and lose to Mom at cribbage. By the time I left, this was our world in Muncie, Indiana:

IMG_7343 IMG_7344

It is not supposed to snow this much before Thanksgiving!! Zach and I got home at the same time and snuggled up warm and cozy. Starting tomorrow’s posts I’ve got a few “until Thanksgiving” rules, you know me. 😉 So no drinks until Thanksgiving, exercise each day and keep a food journal on here daily. Also with the exception of Monday I am having juice for breakfast + lunch this whole week. I will also have some new meals to post about again, yay!


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