17 Nov

This week was not one to write up for the health books… We didn’t eat any great dinners and the only form of exercise I got the rest of the week was gazelle on Weds & Friday plus some random jump roping, pushups and pull-up practice. The only redeeming factor was having juice for breakfast every day plus for lunch on some days too. Wednesday Zach and I had a date after work. We went to Fickle Peach and shared some wine and played cards together, took a nice drive in the country and watched a really funny movie on Netflix. It was called Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and it was the opposite of your typical scary movie. The rednecks who would usually be the bad guys were actually innocent but these college kids think they are murderers and it just all goes wrong. We laughed quite a bit!

Thursday evening Zach made some steaks we’d defrosted from the freezer and we started the movie Seven. Incredibly low-key night. Friday wasn’t so low-key though! After work we had some errands to run and then went to campus to meet Hillary because she was wanting to do something. We got there early and played some cards at Cleo’s (I have been winning all the card games lately!!) until Hillary showed up.


We went to Brothers for some chips and guacamole and a drink and Hillary’s sister and her boyfriend joined us.


We played some more cards, taught them how to play Parliament and hung out for awhile until Haley and Kyle left and Hillary, Zach and I went over to D-luxe to play some pong.


Even though Hillary and I were a two person team, Zach still managed to beat us handily each time. It didn’t help that my sweater kept knocking cups over…haha!


After we’d been there for awhile Nick showed up and we played 2 on 2. I played probably the best I have ever done on one game and I hit 9 out of the 10 cups (Hillary was no help that round- she hit none and managed to knock 4 of ours over when she was swatting). I even got on fire and kept hitting which is kind of a big deal. 😉 People were singing some terrible karaoke which was entertaining and Zach, Hillary and I were the first people to wish Nick a happy birthday after midnight! We were out until a little after one, ate some Arby’s way too late and then I had to get home and get to bed because I had a much-too-early-for-Saturday wake-up the next day…

(Don’t worry, after I catch up the weekend things start getting healthy again. Even cooking again finally!)

943/1,400 miles.

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