12 Nov

Before I finish up my Michigan trip, allow me to catch up on life. Sunday when we got back home (to a FREEZING house I might add!!) we ran to the grocery and then were hungry for an early dinner since we hadn’t eaten anything else but some fries that day. As we drove around trying to figure out what we wanted, Dad called and said “Tell us when you guys know where you are going for dinner!” Haha so we ended up at their house and the 4 of us went to Pizza King. We stayed at their house a little while afterwards watching some funny hidden camera show and eating homemade donuts (Mom’s specialty)! When Zach and I got back to our house we started our next IMDB top 250 movie – City of God. This one is a Spanish foreign film and is about gang life in the slums of Rio de Janeiro. It’s hard to wrap your mind around the things that happen in it but it’s worth a watch. We didn’t see much of it this night though because I hit the bed by 9:15! I was super tired and needed a good, long night’s sleep.

Monday was, well, a Monday. Work, gazelle, had a juice for breakfast, baked at nap-time, cleaned for Bible study and TRX after work. The one thing that was different is that our Bible study was having a party! Everyone was bringing food and I was responsible for a dessert so I made those incredibly delicious Reese’s Brownies with Peanut Butter Buttercream. You know, the ones I made for the bonfire I few weeks back. They went over quite well again. 🙂 We feasted on salad, garlic bread, chicken nuggets, chicken alfredo, fruit, sugar cream pie and my brownies. A delicious Bible study to be certain! After everyone had left we ran a few leftover brownies over to my parents since they are obsessed with those and I knew they’d be grateful. We wanted to watch a movie but City of God is heavy and we wanted a break from it so we started The King’s Speech. Once we finish those two we will have seen 69 of the top 250! Working our way through…

Tuesday – gazelle, juice for breakfast and for lunch (I told you guys I was hooked!!) and to the parent’s for dinner. After Zach had a tough day dealing with some post-season soccer stuff he said this night was just what the doctor ordered- we ate great food (breadsticks, pasta and roman chicken), drank wine and played games of his choosing. He was in good spirits all night. 🙂 We came home and finished City of God. It was a tough one but I’m glad we saw it, really broadens your perspective of places outside your own bubble. And that’s all for now!

940/1,400 miles.


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