6 Nov

Okay, now that all that trauma over my iPhoto has been resolved, it’s time to get this blog back on real time! Luckily (or boringly I suppose) I don’t have a whole lot to say from this week. So here goes.

Workouts: Monday- gazelle + 30 minute of TRX, Tuesday- nothing besides a little at home working out, Wednesday – gazelle + 55 minutes of spin (19.6 miles)

Meals: Monday I didn’t eat horribly and I didn’t eat wonderfully, had a good breakfast, ate Chinese food for lunch and had a sandwich for dinner (as well as dessert at an awards banquet). Tuesday I rejoined the juicing train, I think I love it!! I had juice for breakfast and juice for lunch and then ate a variety of foods (mostly starches!!) at a second awards banquet. Wednesday I had juice for breakfast, juice for lunch, nachos for dinner plus a glass of wine at Savages.

General information: Monday was a decent day of work, TRX had some tough moves but it was great and then after that we did not have Bible study because it was Zach’s girls team awards banquet. Zach presents awards to top players and speaks about each girl individually and he always does such a wonderful job recognizing each girl’s unique talent and making them feel special!


We had some desserts after (just a few bites for me) and then it was home and to bed!

Tuesday was work again with no workouts because I was exhausted in the morning and had no time after work! I had to shower and rush to the second award’s banquet of the week (an hour earlier than the night before). This time it was the boy’s turn and again my husband was eloquent, thoughtful and professional. 🙂 Always proud of my guy! We had more time after this banquet and came home for some Dexter before bed.

Wednesday my kid followed in the pattern of being pretty good this week. Unfortunately I had one stay later than usual and that is what made my spin class time so limited, I didn’t even get on a bike until 5:50 and usually I’m pedaling by about 5:35. I still crammed in the best workout I could though and then was thankful for an evening with my guy with no events! Mom and Dad invited us to come have a drink at Savages with them and we would always be game for that but were especially so after Zach had a stressful day dealing with some post-soccer things. The 4 of us chatted and laughed and I enjoyed a good glass of riesling. We picked up some Qdoba for dinner (it has NOT been a cooking week this week) and came home to start Django Unchained. I have heard interesting things about it but so far we actually think it’s well done, unique and even funny. Quentin Tarantino is one odd bird…

Now that catches me up just in time for some more exciting things to happen. Tomorrow at 10am Zach and I leave for Michigan for a weekend getaway!! Yay for much-needed us time!!!

931/1,400 miles.


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