5 Nov

After a full 24 hours of rebuilding it appears that my library is put back together, although if any pieces are missing I am sure it will be quite some time before I figure it out! So now I need to get on to a much belated post about our awesome party!! First I’ll share a bevy of decoration photos so you can get a feel for the atmosphere…

IMG_6423 IMG_6424 IMG_6427 IMG_6434 IMG_6436 IMG_6437

This next decoration was probably my favorite of the year.


We saw this done online but with more food and a full-size man’s outfit. Well I didn’t want to have quite that much food so we decided to get boy’s clothes instead! I bought them at Goodwill, “bloodied” them with paint, distressed them with scissors, stuffed the limbs with newspaper, added skeleton hands and feet and then filled with food.


It was a hit! Hillary made the cocktail wieners, my mom made cheesy spaghetti and dyed it black for the brains and I picked up fried chicken and wings for his legs. 🙂

IMG_6452 IMG_6453

A few people came over early to get ready and after transforming ourselves we took some pictures-


Zach and I were a Greek goddess and Roman god. We always like the fun couple costume thing. 🙂 Unfortunately I realized too late that we never got a picture of just the two of us in our outfits! I know Vicki has one so I will just have to get it from her. Here was the cast of characters at the party: A ladybug and…scary man-


Cruela de Vil


Batgirl and a beer mug (plus Zach the Roman god)


Rick Grimes, Daryl and Tyrese from the Walking Dead-


Dexter and Deb (from the show Dexter of course)-


Plus a pirate, Harley Quin and a british actor who I didn’t take individual shots of but will appear in other pictures. First order of business was to eat. Along with the food found in our dead boy we had several desserts including the graveyard dirt pudding that I make each year.


While people were still arriving we snapped a few more friend pictures…

IMG_6448 IMG_6455 IMG_6467


Once our crowd was big enough it was time for some games! First up we played baseball, one of the games we had played at my birthday that was SO fun.


This time was no less fun, even if my team did do really poorly…still a great game to start us off! (PS- I did NOT go tanning, I got my first ever spray tan for the party and I was really pleased with how it turned out!)


Next game was one I’d found online called “Petrified Pyramid”. It was a riff off of the old game show Pyramid and we divided into two teams with Dad as the host. In this game two people at a time play (but everyone gets a turn); one is the giver of clues. One is the receiver. You choose a category and have a limited amount of time to try to get your teammate to guess the answers without using the word in the clues. For this game all the categories were Halloween themed and it was SUCH a blast!

IMG_6497 IMG_6502 IMG_6508


My team (which was basically the girls + Nick, haha) won by a landslide. 🙂


For some reason we decided to make a pyramid and Mom joined us…

IMG_6520 IMG_6521

My winning team got some lovely dollar store prizes. 🙂


Before Mom and Dad left for the night, we had them take a picture of all of us “kids”.

IMG_6527 IMG_6530 IMG_6532

I love my friends. 🙂 Next game was called Ballon Bash. We had blown up tons of black and orange balloons and you had to tie one around your ankle.


It was team black vs. team orange and you stand in a row, link arms with your teammates and then charge the other team trying to stomp their balloons. If yours gets popped you are out! Andre videoed it for us-


and it was SO funny to watch. The girls beat the boys (though Ryan was on our team) and it was a fun, loud game. Next up? Piñata in the classroom.


We got this skull piñata and filled it with candy and some miniature shot bottles and hung it out in the classroom from a rope. One person would be blindfolded and swing with a bat and Zach would hit the piñata with a broom from the other side to keep it moving. Here’s a tip about something you should NOT do during this game: Don’t spin a person like crazy, trying to disorient them and then shout “SWING!” when they are turned away from the piñata and facing you…


Poor Betsey felt SO bad about cracking me in the neck but it honestly could have been so, so much worse if she hadn’t heard everyone screaming when she swung towards me. It was a little sore for the next few days… The piñata fun continued with no one standing as close as we had been.

IMG_6572 IMG_6578

It was about this point that our skull got his face whacked off.


Now we were just swinging at a big, white ball. Some of us not swinging the right way…



It was Zach who finally brought him down. 🙂


Then madness ensued.


A while later we were called out into the classroom and found that Dexter had captured Harley Quinn. If you watch Dexter at all you will appreciate these next photos. If you haven’t, well, they are still funny.

IMG_6601 IMG_6603 IMG_6610

Time for another game! This one was called Murder in the Dark (I found lots of fun games this year!). For this game we had a deck of cards and everyone drew one- whoever got the ace was the murderer and no one would know but them. Put the cards back, turn out every light in the house and let the game commence. You have to keep walking continuously, no talking and no staying in groups. The murderer puts their hand over your mouth and whispers, “You’re dead” and then you have to stay still. When someone finds a still person they ask if they have been murdered and if they say yes that person shouts “Murder in the dark!!” Everyone congregates and all the people (who aren’t dead) discuss who they think the murderer is. In the first round Jacob and I were killed.



I disobeyed the rules and hid and that didn’t work out so well..haha. They all decided that the murderer was Steven and they were WRONG. So play continued. Another murder, another vote and this time Zach was rightfully convicted. 😉 More rounds of baseball followed…

IMG_6636 IMG_6638

Then around 3am people started to fade until it was the crew that was left at Sunshine.

IMG_6650 IMG_6651 IMG_6652

Just the 5 of us and we made it until 5am! Love early morning breakfasts at Sunshine Cafe with my friends. 🙂


Nick and Jack went home and Hillary, Zach and I slept on our “fort” on the floor.

IMG_6658 IMG_6666

Dare I say, it was the BEST Halloween yet! Can’t wait to see how we will possibly top it next year….


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