4 Nov

I will not panic. I will not freak out until freaking out becomes necessary. But currently my iPhoto has a little spinning wheel and displays a message saying “rebuilding library database”. It’s had this since 7:30am this morning… I enlisted Zach’s help today to try and diagnose what was going on with my photo program. Apparently it had become unreadable for some reason and I have to try to rebuild the library. I have over 29,000 photos… It’s been working all day long and I understand that that probably takes a LOT of time but I am so nervous it won’t recover all of them or any of them!! So due to that, this will be a wordy, picture-less post. :/ Sorry!

I’m going to skip the halloween party altogether because that HAS to be accompanied by pictures. So I will move on to the next morning. Despite going to sleep at 5am in the morning, Zach and I were up shortly after 9 unable to sleep. Ryan and Kaitlin had spent the night and they woke up when we did so the 4 of us sat around talking for a good bit. We relived highlights from the party and chatted about an interesting string of topics including fluffy puppy spiders and serial killers…haha! When they left Zach and I walked to his parents to pick up our cars. We had parked them there the night before because we needed all the space we could get! The morning was pretty but cold (insert picture of Zach walking with a beautiful blue fall sky backdropping him…) and we hustled over there.

Once we’d picked up both cars and then dropped one off at our house, we went through Arby’s drive thru for lunch and then began a several episode binge of Dexter. The season 4 finale, oh my word!!! After we’d sat through several episodes I took a loooong nap on the couch. The lack of sleep had caught up to me! I tried to convince Zach to lay down but he isn’t a napper at all and he cleaned up the house; plenty of post-party mayhem to clean. Right around the time I forced myself to come out of hibernation, Mom and Dad stopped by to pick up some stuff they’d left the night before and chat about the party. We were good and hungry by the time they left and took ourselves off on a little date to Barn!! We hadn’t been for dinner in awhile and it sounded so good to us. Zach got a risotto dish that had a walnut pesto with a side of maple-bacon brussels. *Again insert picture…once I get things up and running again, fingers crossed, I will come back and add a couple of pictures* The brussels are always a solid stand-by and that risotto was creamy deliciousness! I got a B-4 Bomber Burger with a side of poutine fries. The fries are also a solid standby…love those!! My burger was good and filling and I don’t think I remember like anything that was on it. Haha! I think it had bleu cheese and maybe BBQ sauce? Not sure why I don’t remember but I only had half of it because I got too full. I boxed the rest and left. my. box. Sad day.

After dinner we rented The Fault in our Stars which I had been wanting to watch ever since I’d first heard of it. I need to read the book too. It was every bit as good as I expected and even though I warned Zach it was a sad movie, the poor guy cried anyway. I had a tear but Zach always gets more sad during movies than I do. I say I don’t get that sad because I can’t fully separate the fact that it’s acting form the plot and he says he gets so sad because it always makes him think about how awful it would be if he lost me…my sweet baby. 🙂 We went to bed shortly after 11 and suddenly Zach reminded me that it was actually only 10 because of daylight savings! Hooray for an extra hour of sleep!!

Sunday morning we were up earlier than usual (suppose we didn’t use all of our extra hour…) and Zach made us breakfast. We had eggs, bacon and pumpkin scones before heading off to church. Afterwards was a bit of usual Sunday with leftovers for lunch, grocery shopping and a trip out to his grandparents thrown in. Zach wanted to get his trail cameras off the trees out in the woods were he hunts and he took me out the four-wheeler. It was so fun being driven around on that! Felt like a true country girl. 😉 *Insert pictures of the beautiful fall day and me looking boss on the four-wheeler*

When we got back home we decided to do some de-cluttering and attacked two of the rooms in our house. While this was going on we discussed some different plans for our front living room/kitchen that we have been building on for some time and before we knew it we were deciding that our Christmas gifts to each other would be some remodeling. I am so excited!! I have so many great ideas and can’t wait to see it come together. I will share before/after and during the process photos as we go along. Dinner was at Puerta with Hillary and then the three of us headed to Nick’s for our weekly Walking Dead episode. That was the rest of the weekend and hopefully tomorrow I can get up a post about our awesome party!!


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