31 Oct

We are on the last day of “juicing” today but honestly I don’t feel nearly as desperate to end it as I did the 6-day-slimdown. It’s funny because at the beginning of this I thought that I hated it WAY more than the slim down but now I actually like it!

Thursday morning- gazelle, nutrition extracting (how I think I will refer to it now since that is what the guidebook does).



We had decided to stop using actual recipes for the rest of the week and Zach would just make up concoctions from the scores of produce we have. I don’t really remember all of what was in the breakfast one but I know carrots was a major ingredient! Haha I think it also included celery, strawberries, lemon, parsley and maybe some greens? It was a pretty good one.

I was craaaazy busy Thursday morning because it was my daycare halloween party. Talk about mayhem and madness. We played games, read stories, sang songs, did “trick or treating”, had special snacks and all kinds of stuff.


Thankfully Vicki came to help me out because with 2 really little ones I totally needed it!! I was so ready for nap-time and thankfully it seemed like the kids were too. They settled down and I had a much-needed break. During my break I consumed this-


Which is not so appealing to look at but it WAS appealing to drink!


This one was beets, cucumber, apple, blackberries, carrots and who knows what else!? I should be telling Zach to write these down… After work I hit the gym for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I ran 2 miles (in 20:33, not too bad) and then walked the rest for a total of 2.64 miles. Zach and I had a very busy night after that. We ate leftovers- I had the last of the cilantro lime rice with a runny egg on it and I ate a few venison ribs that Zach’s mom had made. They were good but there is not much meat on them so I feel like I barely ate any at all! The rest of the evening was running around – one store after the other – getting things for the party. We also blew up 30 balloons which made me slightly light-headed… Zach went out for a beer to celebrate a friend’s birthday and I went to bed early to try and get some sleep before the big party day!

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – juice
  • Supper – rice w/egg, a few venison ribs

918/1,400 miles. 178.5/150 running miles.

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