30 Oct

Only two days of juicing left…although I must say I am getting to the point now where I wouldn’t mind replacing one meal a day or so with some juice! Now that it’s tasting better I really appreciate the easy way to get so many servings of fruit and veggies in.

Obviously this shows improvement on yesterday’s juicing front. Let’s discuss. Yesterday morning during my gazelle workout Zach made us The Revitalizer. Produce for this one was:

  • Carrots
  • Lemon
  • Tomato
  • Cilantro
  • Coconut water


While I wouldn’t exactly call this one tasty, it was totally consumable and I ate it all with no problem. It was after making this but before making lunch that Zach had a revelation. He suddenly says, “I know why we’ve had so much trouble with these not being good.” I waited expectantly to hear just what we were doing to make some of these so awful and he says sheepishly “We are using a Nutribullet…and I picked out juicing recipes…” See the Nutribullet is different than a typical juicer (as I explained before) in that it uses all of what you put into it, it doesn’t just extract juice. This is why it doesn’t require nearly as much produce as a juicer and why we have TONS of extra fruits and veggies from what we bought because we were purchasing quantities for a juicer! For a Nutribullet, you probably need to stick to Nutribullet recipes…

Zach scrapped the plan for the lunch juice and made his own concoction from some of the produce we had-

  • beets
  • carrots
  • strawberries
  • parsley
  • kale
  • and I’m not sure what else but a few more things!

He came up with this-


And it was excellent!! Best one yet and so easy to eat! I probably could have even drank this one. Glad we figured this out and it totally changes the next two days of juicing. Perhaps I shouldn’t even refer to this as juicing anymore… In my Nutribullet guide/recipe book it calls what the machine does “nutrition extracting” because instead of just getting the juice it uses all the nutrients found in your fruits and veggies. Really it’s even better for you than juicing but you definitely need to follow their guide!!

Spin class after work and I had the most energy I’ve had all week. Probably because it is the first day I’ve actually finished my meals! In 65 minutes I got 23.6 miles and a good workout. The rest of the night was busy with showering, eating leftovers and running around getting things for the Halloween party.

Now I’ve just got the equivalent of a day of work left plus a million things to do but tomorrow night at 7pm sharp the awesomeness begins! And I’ve got some big plans this year… 🙂

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – juice
  • Supper – leftover shepherd’s pie (the last of it), veggies

914/1,400 miles.


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