28 Oct

Exciting things to post about from yesterday!! Started out my morning with a half hour on the gazelle and while I was doing that, my husband was in the kitchen doing some of this…



Do you know what’s going on?




This week Zach and I have decided that Mon-Fri we will be juicing for breakfast and lunch and eating a normal supper. We just wanted to give it a try and experiment, plus it can’t hurt to do for 5 days before the Halloween party. 😉 We actually don’t have a juicer, we have a Nutribullet which makes for a different product. With juicing you use TONS of produce to extract whatever juice you can and drink it. With the Nutribullet you don’t have to use quite as much because the whole product is involved. So much so in fact that yesterday’s recipes we followed to a T and it had us putting entire lemons and limes, peel and all, into the bullet. I understand that you get more fiber, vitamins, etc. that way but sorry. We aren’t putting in the peels anymore. It just made the texture TOO awful. And this is coming from the girl who likes everything.

Our breakfast juice yesterday was called Electro-Dynamite. I will link up to all the juicing recipes so you can check them out if you’d like. We noticed right off the bat (obviously) that our drink was green, not orange like the picture, even though Zach made it step by step. We cheers’d to the week of juicing ahead…


And drank up. I almost threw up. That is not an exaggeration and that is not something you EVER hear me say!! But I swear to you I could barely swallow it. The taste, while not the awesome-est juice I’ve tasted, wasn’t all that bad. The problem was 100% with the consistency. We ate them with a spoon instead but it was tough. The lemon + lime peel in it was mostly what made it so.difficult. It wasn’t slushy, it was downright chewy. Zach said “Well, tomorrow will be much better because we won’t do that again.” I said “Tomorrow? Why not for lunch?” …he had already made lunch and it included peels too. I ate out of my container allll morning long and finished a little over 3/4 of it but couldn’t handle anymore.

At nap-time I cleaned and cleaned for Bible study and I started getting hungry but was honestly terrified of eating another container of “juice”. Finally around 1:45pm I made myself take it out of the fridge and started in on our lunch juice for the day- Mean Green Juice.


Yes, it looks just like breakfast. This is by Joe Cross, the guy who made that documentary about juicing called Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead which we actually watched a couple of years back. Well sorry Joe, either we didn’t make your recipe right or it just flat out stinks because I ate even less of this one. I managed over the next couple of hours to get down a little over half of it but I just couldn’t handle it anymore. I’d let you call me a drama queen except you guys know how I am…which means this was pretty bad. When I got off work and went to TRX I was feeling kind of tired and weak, I though juicing was supposed to energize you!? Though I suppose if I would actually FINISH my juice I might feel differently…

Luckily it wasn’t the most difficult half hour we’ve had and I did just fine, even being the first one to finish my circuits. I came home and we had Bible study and finally Zach got to be there. 🙂 It’s so nice to be able to do that together. We also had a new couple in our study (church members who we’ve known forever) and that was fun. After everyone left I told Zach I had a surprise and we were leaving. We got in the car and I told him to drive downtown. He had no idea what we were doing but I was super excited. Back on Saturday my Dad had asked if I’d heard of the new restaurant downtown. I was like, “New restaurant?!?! How have I not heard of that?!” Well it turns out that it’s kind of a big secret, that’s how. I did a lot of looking yesterday before I found anything about it and even then it was only a little blurb in our online paper. This place has no website, no social media, no yelp, nothing. And the guy who runs it wants to keep it that way! So what’s the deal? Well the place is called Brother Animal and it has only been open about 6 weeks. It’s in a nondescript building that looks like an office from the outside and you’d never guess it was a place to eat. Shades pulled down, no sign, only small letters saying Brother Animal on the door. You would never go in unless you knew what waited for you but inside this place was awesome!!



My blurry, dark (since I didn’t use a flash) picture does no justice. This place had such a hip, modern vibe. It was dark with funky colors, weird art and all the tables and “chairs” were brightly painted metal boxes of varying size that the owner and his son made. The owner’s name is Jeff and he is a fun and interesting guy. When we walked in we saw the chalkboard on the wall that has just a handful of items on it and those can run out quickly. Jeff told us “All I have left tonight is pasta and Indian curry.” I said, “Perfect! I’ll take the pasta, he’ll take the curry!” 🙂 We are easy to please. (Unless it’s a juice…)


Jeff brought us out salads to start with that had an excellent sesame-ginger dressing on them and some great heirloom tomatoes!


It also had some bread that I ate half of and gave the other half to Zach. Jeff makes everything with fresh, local ingredients and told us that he doesn’t even have a freezer because he makes everything upon ordering and doesn’t like to keep or re-use things. He wants his food to be as fresh as possible so he doesn’t cook anything from frozen and doesn’t keep anything leftover. We could taste the quality in our dishes!


That curry looks orangeish in the picture but was actually pretty dark. It was full of flavor and cooked so well! Jeff made two relishes that you could take bits of and stir it into the curry and those are on the lower, left side. One was an eggplant relish, which was good, but the lime relish (the orange one) packed a serious punch and added SO much to the dish!


I stirred my pasta all up before remembering to photograph it. These were tiny raviolis with some type of harder, salty cheese inside, perhaps manchego? It was different than your typical ravioli which made it really cool! It was covered in a tomato/caper sauce with some parmesan cheese and it was also spectacular. I was so hungry when I got it but then only ate about half because I got so full. Boxed up the rest for later of course. 🙂 We were the last people there and Jeff came and talked to us for a solid hour! He told us that he has never been a chef or even a waiter; never worked in a restaurant at all! He just enjoys cooking and wanted to open something like this in Muncie and we are SO glad he did. Since he has no experience cooking for lots of people at one time with all different orders, he decided to do zero advertising and only tell his friends he was starting it. He figured word of mouth was the best advertising there is and I think he’s right! It made it so fun, like we were discovering a secret club and I was honored to be one of the first people who he didn’t know to eat there. Of course he knows us now because we made it clear we would most definitely be back, what a fun place to have downtown!!


Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – juice
  • Lunch – juice
  • Supper – salad, 1/2 pc. bread, 1/2 pasta

902/1,400 miles.

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