25 Oct

Heeey there weekend! Let’s talk about Thursday, shall we? It’s pretty brief. A whole lot of nothing. There you have it! A little more detail? Okay. Well around 4:30am Thursday morning I woke up out of fantastic sleep with really horrible stomach pains. No clue what was going on or why but it kept me up all the way through my alarm 2 hours later. At times I felt sick but never actually got sick but it was not a fun morning. Needless to say, I did not work out and I did not eat until Thursday evening when I had half a thing of alfredo. Yes, that’s the only thing I want when I haven’t felt well… So like I said, Thursday was a whole lot of nothing. Unless you count watching the rest of Catching Fire with Zach. 🙂 Friday was much, much better but I am so short on time right now that I will blog that later!!!


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