22 Oct

What a chilly week it has been so far! Mmm…chili…I need to put that on my menu soon… There isn’t a whole lot to report for this week, my workdays have been pretty simple, I’ve done my gazelle in the mornings and eaten some good home-cooked meals in the evenings. Monday night Bible study was cancelled so Zach was at home making supper while I was at the gym walking on the treadmill. My shoulders were still super sore so I said no to TRX and walked 1.79 miles instead. Zach was fixing a healthy version of Shrimp ‘n Grits all the while!


He got the recipe out of a cookbook that he bought his mom for her birthday. Apparently when he bought her the book he liked so many recipes in it that he took pictures of them to make later. 🙂 He told me last week that he wants to start making one meal a week.What a guy! I’m not sure what all went into this but I know he made grits in one pan mixed with havarti and pecorino romano and he had a tomato mixture going in another pan.


Tomatoes + green chiles with several spices and a bay leaf. There was fresh parsley and lemon juice to put on top of the finished product-


It made quite a beautiful meal!!


It also made a really delicious, filling and spicy dinner. Spicy foods always fill me up faster and this was so hot I couldn’t even finish my bowl!


Every bite I had was excellent though. The grits were flavorful and mixed with the shrimp and tomato sauce, it tasted much richer and heartier than the calories would lead you to believe.


I’m pretty sure Zach said it was around 320 for a cup of grits + topping. What a steal! I think I’m going to like my night off from cooking each week quite well. 🙂

Tuesday evening we had dinner at Mom’s. She made salads, chicken legs stuffed with garlic and veggie mashed potatoes. Yum! She and I spent the next couple of hours catching up on Biggest Loser (I had 3 episodes to watch!) while Zach and Dad had a sound booth meeting at the church. Then Zach and I read until bed-time and that’s really all that has happened so far this week. Not a lot going on the next couple of days either but a busy weekend ahead!

891/1,400 miles.


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