21 Oct

Whew! Another busy, fun, crazy, unexpected weekend in the books.

Saturday morning Zach and I got up together and had slim down pancakes and rejoiced that this was our last breakfast on the plan. Then Vicki and I headed off to yoga for a good hour of intense yoga (my shoulders are still feelin it!) and Zach raked and cleaned out the gutters and did dishes. I got home only to grab Zach and hit the Greenway. I initially wanted to get in a 3 mile run but once we started I changed it to 2. My legs were just too fatigued from yoga, it took a lot out of them!! We had a good 2 miles though, even if it was slightly slower at 21 minutes. We saw a poor doggie limping along the Greenway with no collar or tags. 😦 We tried to talk to him but he seemed scared of us.

After the run we showered, ate lunch (our last meal on the slim down!) and then Hillary swung by and picked us up. The 3 of us were hitting a couple halloween stores to look at costumes and shop for some party supplies. While I didn’t 100% settle on an outfit, some good ones are in the running! We also picked up some good things for the party. Our halloween party is the biggest party we throw each year and it is always such a fun time and with everything we have planned, I really think this year is going to top them all. 🙂 Zach and I planned our menu for the week and then got ready to head to the second October wedding we had. Crazy to have 2 weddings in October! Our friends Bailey and Travis got married and she made such a beautiful bride!! At the reception afterward Zach and I finally got to have non-slimdown food!


Although we didn’t have a ton of it because we had other plans for later. I had a little bit of salad and a small pasta trio where I got to try a few bites each of 3 different pastas. No bread or even wedding cake though because Zach and I left mid-way through the dancing. Zach said he had somewhere he wanted to take me and we went down to campus. I wasn’t sure what we were doing until we got to Brothers- a new place for Muncie! It reminds me of a B-dubs kind of but it was really nice inside. There was also a really neat deck and Zach had wanted us to hang out by their cool fire but it was rainy. We shared drinks and got an order of “gator balls”.


These were chicken, wrapped in bacon, stuffed with cheese and jalapeños. While good, they actually sounded better than they were but I still had one and a half of them. We ended up at Mom and Dad’s after this for wine and cards.


We hadn’t played cards in quite awhile with them and Zach and I totally took them down in double euchre. 🙂 We laughed lots and had a great evening for sure. Especially when Zach won me a crane game animal at the end of the night like old times! Haha he has always been a whiz at those machines.


Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – slim down protein pancake
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – salad, small pasta trio, 1 1/2 gator balls, chips & hummus, 2 drinks, 3 glasses wine

Sunday morning Zach woke up before I did because he had to go to Indy for the day for soccer meetings. Just because soccer season is over doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have several responsibilities left to carry out… I wasn’t sure what time he would be leaving or if he would already be gone when I got up from church but I had my answer when he woke me up to breakfast in bed! 🙂 Sweet, sweet man. He made us eggs, toast and little sausages and it was the perfect way to start my day. Went to church without him but at least I still had Mom and Dad to sit with. Sam preached a great message on “self” being our biggest enemy and Mom and I had a quick meeting for all the children’s workers directly after. I dropped her off at home, went to my house and ate a pear and didn’t give myself any down-time before heading back out the door. I had it set in my mind that I WAS running 3 miles on this day and I wasn’t going to do anything that might dissuade me from that. It was a gorgeous, fall day for being outside and good thing because literally before I could even start running my iPod died. I don’t know that I have ever ran 3 miles with no partner/music/book/etc. to distract me and I was a little nervous about it. For me running is so mental and I was afraid to get into my head too much and not be able to do it. You know what? I had a fantastic run!! Three beautiful miles with no stopping and no mental freak outs and I really enjoyed it the whole time. I was so pleased by the time I was done. 🙂

I went to the grocery and then took Hillary to campus to introduce her to Brothers. I had wanted to take her out for a celebratory drink anyway since she passed a really tough test last week (one that she had to pass to get her teaching license) and we combined that with the second half of the Colts game. She loved Brothers and our Colts won in a landslide so it was great all around! Zach got home from Indy and showed up at the very end of the game and the 3 of us took our drinks outside on the patio.


The day was still beautiful but chilly. This didn’t matter though because Brothers’ patio is heated! It was SO awesome to be able to sit outside and be perfectly comfortable at the end of October. This is the first place like this that Muncie has and we spent the whoooole afternoon out there. Eventually when spots opened up in the comfortable chairs by the cool fire we migrated over there.


After awhile two girls asked if they could join sitting over there and in no time we realized that Steven was a really good mutual friend of all of us. One of the girls had went to high school with him and said she would probably be at Steven and Sarah’s wedding next year! Small world. So then, even though we were about to leave, Hillary and I joined them in a Shot-ski. I’m not a big fan of shots but I have always wanted to try one of these! All the glasses are lined up in a ski and everyone has to do it at the same time. It was quite humorous…


We even got to keep our little glasses!


Back at home the three of us played games, we always make the best little trio.


Then we met Nick at Amazing Joe’s for supper. He had invited us over to watch Walking Dead after we ate but we initially said no since Zach and I weren’t caught up on the last episode. It turned out that we were able to watch it off his DVR and then all of us (plus Andre) watched the episode for this week too. It was fun and unexpected and I think we possibly have a new Sunday night tradition!! Came home and crashed hard for the night.

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 egg, 1 slice toast, lil smokies
  • Lunch – pear
  • Supper – bread, 1/2 salad, 3/4 pasta, 4 drinks

886.5/1,400 miles. 173.5/150 running miles.


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