18 Oct

In just a few short (or long depending on how you look at it…) hours Zach and I will get to eat something that is not a specific vegetable/fruit/protein! YAY! Haha We’re just a little excited. Yesterday was a great day though despite the boring food. Easy day of daycare- 5 kids yet again. I was way too spoiled this past week and am going to be totally aware of that come Monday when they are all back. Gazelle in the morning and sprints at the gym after work. For 30 minutes (2.56 miles) I did sprints and ran them the fastest  I’ve done them since vacation! That was a good feeling. When I got home Zach and I had dinner and then a little date. 🙂 We headed to the movie theater to see The Maze Runner which was very good! We’d heard mixed reviews on it but we both thought it was great. Neither one of us has read the book and we both want to but since we hadn’t, we had NO clue that it was a series! So at the end of the movie we are sitting there wondering what is going on when we realized it must be a trilogy, haha. They make everything into multiple movies these days… We weren’t up for long after we got home and that was our nice, laid-back Friday. So far today has been productive and active and we can’t wait for tonight! Zach says he has a surprise for me after the wedding. 🙂

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – egg white scramble, 1/2 grapefruit
  • Lunch – chicken & veggies, apple w/PB
  • Supper – lots of veggies and hummus (I just could not handle another night of protein + veg but still kept it light!)

881.5/1,400 miles.


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