17 Oct

I can. not. wait. to start cooking meals again! I don’t just miss the flavor and variety but the actual act of cooking. What can I say? I love being in the kitchen! Just one and a half days left though…we’ll make it. 😉 Smallest group of the week yet yesterday- 5 kids! That’s half my normal amount. It’s been a weird week for daycare. Gazelle in the morning, ate my proper foods, did a lot of at-home working out (pushups, jump rope, working on bridge, working on pull-ups) and didn’t do an evening workout. By the way, I can now complete a pull-up with more strength and better form than I could even before Florida!! Yay progress! After work Zach and I made some plans for our next upcoming trip, more on that later but it we’ll be going on a little getaway November 7th-9th. 🙂 We then tried our adventure for the second time this week, you know, the one that didn’t work out on Tuesday? During our drive over we enjoyed the Indiana fall colors.

IMG_6197 IMG_6199

Well here’s the gist- Zach does real-estate and his parents buy lots of foreclosures to flip and you always find interesting things left behind. In the shed behind one of the houses Zach had found a piece of cardboard with some vague instructions that looked a little like a map and it had keys over it.


We immediately thought- Buried Treasure!!! So we headed out there armed with shovels and a measuring tape but after a lot of deciphering and searching we started to think this wasn’t so much a map as instructions on the property line edges…and the keys were most likely unrelated…bummer. But it was fun while it lasted! 🙂 Had a beautiful sunset on the drive back:

IMG_6207 IMG_6208

Then we came home for the night’s fare-


Fish + broccoli and watched a little more of Amelie, our latest movie. It’s in French and it is a strange one but still holds your interest. Thankful for a sunny Friday today and I’ll leave you with my Facebook status from this morning about Zach and I’s ordeal getting Cotton and Dixie into cat carriers for the vet…

How to get two cats in their cat carriers for a trip to the vet:
1. Get out carriers, watch your freakiest cat start running already
2. Hunt down freaky cat first or you will never find her
3. Play a game of “how many adults does it take to get an 8 lb. cat into a cage?”
4. Answer- more adults than we have.
5. Try stuffing cat in forwards, backwards, upside down all the while avoiding cats back claws.
6. Question why you didn’t get back claws removed.
7. Have husband hold cage up in the air so cat has no ground to push off while you stuff her in rear first.
8. Try to coax big cat out from behind the couch while freaky cat is now yowling so loud that someone calls the cops from 5 houses down
9. Take a break to answer daycare kids questions about noises coming from house
10. Big cat is captured only because he is too fat and awkward to evade you for long
11. Try stuffing big cat in cage forwards, backwards, upside down and be glad this one doesn’t have back claws
12. Big cat puts up a different fight but still just as effective using his size and weight to resist you
13. Wonder why the two of you just tried all the same tricks that didn’t work with cat one and finally repeat step 7
14. Freaky cat and big cat have a musical chorus of howls and growls as they head out the door, wave goodbye to husband and thank God it isn’t you

Thursday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – slim down protein pancake, 1/2 grapefruit
  • Lunch – veggies + hummus, think thin bar (yes, I ate one more. no, I will not be eating these again!)
  • Supper – fish, broccoli

877.5/1,400 miles.


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