15 Oct

Now that I have mentioned this twice, perhaps I should go into more detail? As of Monday, Zach and I decided to do a 6-day-slimdown. The actual plan is a 7-day-slimdown by Tone It Up but we have a wedding to go to this Saturday night and decided just to end it then instead. We did this slim down once before in early 2012 and found it to be boring but great! They tell you in the plan “you will not be eating the most exciting/flavorful foods” and they are sure right about that. It’s pretty much bland city but this is an excellent way to detox and shed a little weight. It’s a good jumpstart into healthy eating which I needed again. September was great but October, obviously with my birthday, has been all over the place.

Here’s what the basic idea of the plan looks like:

  • Drink about 90 oz. of water a day (that is a LOT of water let me tell you!!)
  • Breakfast is either a “slim down scramble” or a “slim down protein pancake”. The scramble is spinach + tomatoes + mushrooms + eggs whites, the pancake is banana + brown rice protein powder + egg whites + flaxseed + blueberries
  • Mid-morning snack of 1/2 a grapefruit
  • Lunch every day of 2 cups of greens + unlimited green veggies (so not fats like avocado or starch like corn) + a protein (chicken, fish or tofu) + balsamic vinegar (only dressing option), and a piece of fruit
  • Afternoon snack of hummus + veggies, protein shake or a Think Thin bar
  • Dinner of a protein (fish, chicken or tofu) + green vegetable (green beans, broccoli, asparagus)
  • In the evening you are allowed to have a 1/2 C of greek yogurt only the first two days but I’ve been skipping that
  • Cinnamon tea in the evening
  • The only seasonings you can use are a little sea salt (for the first few days), olive oil at dinner and Mrs. Dash’s sodium free seasonings

Sound restrictive? It definitely is. This is NOT a lifestyle plan (or if it is for some people it is a really boring one!) but like I said, super great for a jumpstart! It’s only Wednesday and I can already tell a difference!! So lets go back to Monday. I got up and did my gazelle, had my morning stuff, didn’t have any proteins ready yet so just ate a veggie salad for lunch. Neither Zach nor I enjoyed the Think Thin bar that afternoon. I know it has natural ingredients and is supposed to be good for energy and blah, blah, blah but honestly it just tasted fake. I would have rather just eaten fruit! I don’t know if I will be eating one of those again but we do still have 3 left…

I cleaned like I always do on Mondays but didn’t have to stress quite as much because for the first time in months Zach would be home after work to help clean and be there for BIble study!! After work I went to the gym for TRX and our class was doubled for some reason into an hour long class. Not sure what was up with that but I enjoyed the extra long workout! I could only do 50 minutes because then I had to run back home. I got home right at 6:30 knowing I was on the brink of being late…but there were no other cars in the driveway! I got inside to find the house sparkling clean and Zach sitting alone in the living room with his Bible just waiting. We looked at each other and it dawned on us simultaneously- it’s fall break. No Bible study. Oops! Haha at least we have a clean house. So we showered and ate our dinner (tofu and broccoli for night one)


and enjoyed spending the evening on the couch with our shows and nothing to do. 🙂

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – slim down scramble, 1/2 grapefruit
  • Lunch – veggie salad, Think Thin bar
  • Supper – broccoli, tofu

Tuesday morning I got up and repeated Monday morning except with different foods. I think the protein pancake is my favorite thing we eat while “on plan”. I wasn’t hungry for the grapefruit ever so I skipped that. So as soon as I woke up and left the bedroom I heard what sounded like a very loud, very high-pitched alarm coming from the back of the house. There was a cricket somewhere in my utility room, right off the classroom, chirping non-stop and it was so. annoying. If you would have told me I could be so bothered by a cricket I probably wouldn’t even have believed you but it was bad! I made Zach get up and the two of us hunted for it to no avail. My daycare kids were looking around like something was coming for them and all the cats were sitting at the edge of the room looking bewildered. It finally died down after over an hour and I didn’t hear it all morning. Then Tuesday afternoon what do I see limping along the floor?



Amazing that such a small thing can make such a big sound! Because I am a complete softie, even though he couldn’t even jump anymore (probably from all the chirping) and had bugged me all morning, I rescued him in a cup and set him free outside. My good deed for the day. 😉 I was feeling a little run-down by the time I got off work which usually happens to me during a de-tox. It’s as though all the bad things are leaving my body and wearing me out/giving me cold-like symptoms before I get the energy boost again. I skipped a workout in favor of going on a little adventure with Zach that didn’t quite pan out like we planned and had to get post-poned. That’s vague, I know, but since I am sure we will do it again soon, I will tell you about it then! We made a pit-stop at Mom’s to pick some things up before coming home to eat our veggies + protein for the night.


That fish tasted awesome! I think I was just hungry… 🙂 We finished Reservoir Dogs and then put in some good ole LOTR. We wanted a movie on that we didn’t feel like we needed to keep our eyes glued to so we could do some of this…


COLORING! Zach and I both love to color but haven’t been able to find any good “adult” coloring books. Well last night while at Mom’s I had the idea to get some coloring pages out of my Grandma’s books (she has several good ones) and Mom had the even better idea of making copies of them! I’ll show you the finished products when we are done, we take it very seriously. 🙂 A fun Tuesday evening and I am loving having this guy around again!!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – protein pancake 
  • Lunch – salad w/chicken, peach, protein shake (later on)
  • Supper – asparagus, fish

867.5/1,400 miles.

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