14 Oct

Saturday morning Hillary and I woke up with barely any time to spare before we had to be out of our room. It’s amazing how messy a hotel room can get in just one night… We packed up and headed out for a drive home that took much longer than it should have. I-69 was completely backed up so we got off the interstate and took an alternate route but it still took us quite awhile to get back. I would have loved a nap upon arriving home but had no time at all! I had to head right back out the door to go watch Zach’s boys team play for the sectional championship title. It was a pretty, though chilly, day for soccer and the boys played an incredibly good game. We sadly lost 2-1 which was a huge bummer. This is Zach’s first year coaching (in 6 years) that the boys haven’t won sectionals. They fought hard though and had nothing to be ashamed about. Zach, his mom and I along with Steven and his mom all went to lunch at a nearby Mexican place and then I finally got to take a quick, much-needed nap! Before I knew it Ron and Vicki were out in the driveway to pick me up and go to game #2 of the day- the girl’s sectional game. We have had some incredibly beautiful sunsets out at the Yorktown soccer fields…

IMG_6183 IMG_6184

but unfortunately what we weren’t having was a victory. The girls also played a very good game and it was 0-0 all the way through and the other team scored with just 2 minutes left to go. A heartbreaker for sure. Especially since it really looked like we were headed into over-time. Poor Zach. 😦 You can’t win them all though and losing is just as important (and even moreso sometimes) for building character and learning lessons. Zach handled it really well though and we ended up having people over at our house that night- Steven, Jacob, Betsy, Nick and Nick’s friend Kevin all came and had pizza and we watched a movie. I haven’t had a good, old-fashioned movie night with friends in ages. Felt like high school. 🙂 I crashed hard after the movie and got a very good night’s sleep.

Sunday morning Zach was off to church early to run slides and I arrived to teach class with Mom. After church Zach asked if I wanted to go on a little date and of course I said yes. 🙂 I followed his car to Sitara, a local Indian restaurant, for lunch! We had the buffet and by the time we were finished we were stuffed with delicious food. We both love ethnic food so much! It was the perfect afternoon for snuggling on the couch under blankets and watching Netflix and even getting in a little nap. We couldn’t lounge too long though because we were meeting family over at my grandparent’s house at 3:30. My cousin Carrie and her daughter Maddie were visiting from Texas. I hadn’t seen Carrie since my cousin’s funeral 9 years and none of us had ever met her daughter who is 14!! It was so nice to visit and catch-up with them. We all went to dinner together and talked for quite awhile before Zach and I had to dash off to our Sunday night class. It was a great week on the authenticity of the Bible and the way the manuscripts were composed and copied. We learned so much and discussed the whole way home how glad we were to be able to study and learn so freely and how there was truly nothing else we would rather have been doing! It’s so wonderful to be on a spiritual journey with someone you love so much. The night ended with snacks from Culver’s since we’d be starting our 6-day-slimdown the next day (which we are actually on day 2 of now!) but I will tell you all about that in my next post. 🙂


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