13 Oct

What a dreary, rainy Monday it’s been out there! Despite the gloom outside though, I am full of energy today! Some of that, I am sure, is due to the 6-day-slimdown that Zach and I are doing this week, but more on that later. I need to go back to last Thursday and do some catch-up.

Just another typical workday complete with morning gazelle workout. At nap I did some prep work to make Pasta with Ricotta and Vegetables from Easy Dinners, Healthy Recipes. I chopped up broccoli and asparagus and put them in containers for later. Then I made a…sauce? I suppose, for lack of a better word. It had me chopping red + yellow tomatoes and squeezing them over a fine strainer to get the juice but not the seeds.


Then I mixed ricotta, basil, thyme, balsamic vinegar, olive oil, salt and pepper into the juice.


Chopped tomatoes were stirred in last.


Just now while typing this I am re-reading the steps and realize I left out the clove of garlic completely! Oops. After work I ran to the store and spent the next hour tediously coloring my massive amounts of hair. I had never colored my hair by myself before and it hadn’t been colored in general in over a year. I was just ready to go slightly darker and have a fresh color since it was looking a little dull with too many tones to me. It was quite the process but I ended up managing to get all my hair, leaving no streaks or patchy spots behind. Thank goodness. Haha. Right when it was time to wash it out, Zach got home! It was SO wonderful to have him home by 7pm as opposed to the typical 9:30 or later. He helped me with what was left for fixing dinner and teamwork makes everything go more quickly. We boiled whole wheat penne and threw the asparagus + broccoli in for the last few minutes of boiling. Then just drained that, tossed with the tomato/ricotta mix and topped with a little parmesan cheese.


GOOD dish!! Even with the garlic being left out. We both had seconds and we both loved this! Simple, unique, full of veggies and definitely one to make again.


We ate and watched Netflix and played cards and generally enjoyed being together for the evening. 🙂

Friday morning I got up and did my gazelle and counted down the hours until 1pm. That’s when my sub showed up and I was free for the weekend! Hillary wasn’t picking me up until after 2 so Kathy trimmed my hair for me which turned into almost 4 inches being cut off! It has needed trimmed forever and it turned out I had so much dead hair on the bottom that she needed to take that much off. It’s still long by anyone else’s standards but it feels short to me! Can’t wait for it to get longer again. Finally Hillary came and got me and we were on the road to Indy for birthday surprises! I knew we were spending the night but I didn’t know anything else she had up her sleeve. First stop was Easley winery for a tasting.


Hillary had never been and it had been awhile since I’d last been there so it was really fun!  We tried lots of different things, even getting a bonus sample, before it was time to move on. At stop number 2 I sensed a theme…


This was New Day Meadery, we were on a little wine excursion! Here we shared a sampler tray of each of their meads.


Neither one of us cares for mead as much as we do wine, but it was still fun to try something different.


Winery #3 (and our last one) was Chateau Thomas.


We got basically a free full size glass during our tasting from the friendly guy who worked there which made it even more fun. 🙂


They have a pretty outdoor area there too but it was a little too chilly to stay outside for long!


Once our wine adventures had ended we headed to one of the coolest hotels in Indy- The Alexander!!


This is a newer, boutique hotel and we got a room on their highest floor with a nice view of the city.



The whole room was cool with a fun, modern vibe but the giant and comfy bed took the cake!

IMG_6080 IMG_6082


The Alexander is where that awesome Plat 99 bar that I have been to a few times is and downstairs is the restaurant Cerulean where I ate with Leah just a couple of months ago. After pictures it was time to break out some of our wine to drink in our awesome, stemless glasses we got from New Day.


I’m in love with these!! We put on our comfy hotel robes (after I called and had them send up an extra, posh life haha) and of course took pictures…

IMG_6091 IMG_6096 IMG_6098 IMG_6100 IMG_6106

Hillary said she had a surprise and got out her laptop and showed me an adorable birthday video she had made starring the two of us. It was so sweet and fun to watch, love her!!


Typical makeup/music/getting ready followed-


Before we taxied down to Mass Ave. for dinner at Forty-Five Degrees! I had only been here once, 4 years ago, and this place has SUCH a cool atmosphere.



I love all the white seats, huge booths and blue lighting everywhere. We had fun cocktails here and some delicious food. I got a really good sushi roll but I think my favorite thing was my bangkok shrimp appetizer- super good!


Hillary got a fettucine alfredo that was also delicious. Good restaurant choice by her!


We walked down just a few establishments to pop into an old favorite, Tini.

IMG_6136 IMG_6139

Always a fun time there. 🙂 We took a taxi back to the hotel and took advantage of the unique artwork that is on display all over the place.

IMG_6140 IMG_6152

As well as just taking more random pictures because that’s what we do.

IMG_6163 IMG_6164

We changed clothes and headed out on foot to a couple places nearby. We hung out at Howl at the Moon and danced and then when it got too crowded we spent awhile out on their porch.


We ended up having more fun at Kilroys though since there were actually things to do there- shuffleboard, pool, darts, we did it all! The night ended with cheese fries from Steak ‘N Shake, freezing on our walk back to the hotel and crashing at the laaate hour of 4am. I think I am ready to be done celebrating my birthday now…haha but seriously, we had SUCH a fun time. 🙂 I am a lucky girl to have such amazing friends.

864/1,400 miles.


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