10 Oct

Time to finish up last weekend’s birthday stuff because today I embark on yet another birthday adventure!! But more on that later. 🙂 So last Saturday, if you remember, we had had a party at my house that lasted until 4am. Later that morning poor Zach and Betsey had to get up around 8:30- Zach for soccer and Betsey had somewhere to be. The rest of us slept on though. Around 10:30 Kori and I were awake and watching How I Met Your Mother and Hillary and Nick woke up shortly after and they both went home. Kori and I ran by Fazolis so she could grab lunch (surprisingly I didn’t get anything there!) and we came back home to veg out in our “fort” allll day. I ate macaroni, she ate pasta, we finished Children of the Corn (weird movie) and when Zach got back from soccer he joined us in our lazing around. The three of us ended up taking a nice nap and Zach and I only dragged ourselves up from it because we had a wedding to go to.

Our friend Kelly was getting married to the love of her life, Alex. The four of us have been on a couple of double dates and they are definitely people we would see more if they didn’t live far away! Kelly is the one who caught the bouquet at my wedding back in 2008 so it was time for her to fulfill the requirements of bouquet catching. 🙂 It was a nice and brief wedding and the reception followed in the gym of my church (they got married here in Muncie at Kelly’s old church which is our church). Zach and I sat at a table with friends from church and we swear we had the best table in the room. We were all cracking each other up and Kathy (our pastor’s wife and my daycare sub) kept daring our friend Drew to do outrageous things which he would then shockingly do. The best one by far though is when, after our plates had been cleared away, we decided we were still hungry for mac and cheese and we dared Drew to go up and steal the pan.



He walked up, napkin over his arm like he knew what he was doing, told the woman in charge of food (another church member and friend of ours) that the macaroni was low and would need to be replaced so he would just take the near-empty pan off her hands. She looked at him in disbelief (as did we) as he took the pan and set it down right in the middle of our table! Haha we were dying! We all dug in with forks and it was probably my favorite part of the wedding. 🙂 Zach and I did a little dancing and had fun creating the wedding mad-libs on the table and then I got a quick picture with Kelly right before we left!


When Zach and I got home Kori was out with her friends. She told us we could join them but we were exhausted after the past couple of days and decided to stay in. I barely made it through an episode of Dexter and then we crashed and I got a great, full night’s sleep.  Much-needed!

Sunday morning Zach awoke and headed to church but I stayed home because Kori and I had to leave around 10am for our Sunday plans. She and her friends (who had ended up spending the night) got up around 9:30 and we shooed them out of the house. Kori and I were on a mission- a mission for Colts tickets. When she got up here she decided she wanted to go to a Colts game and even though it was sold out, we managed to find cheap tickets on Stubhub! We rushed to print them out at my in-laws (I really need a printer), run to Wal-Mart to get Colts shirts and get down to Indy in time for the game. We hit a MAJOR traffic jam on I-69 that held us up for close to 45 minutes but luckily we still made it with time to spare. I’d only been to one game in our “new” (we still call it that even though it’s a few years old) stadium- Lucas Oil Stadium – before and it’s a gorgeous football arena!



Kori and I decided to get a drink before the game instead of waiting in the long lines of people to get in. We didn’t care if we missed the first couple of minutes. 🙂 We stopped into Slippery Noodle, the oldest bar in Indy, and were surrounded by Colts blue on every person around us. Good thing we fit in!




We drank our stuff quickly and headed over to the stadium. We tried to take a selfie in front of it but it failed miserably. It wasn’t until I uploaded the photos to my computer that I saw we’d been totally photo-bombed!


Haha gotta love it. We ended up having a nice lady take our picture in front for us instead.


Then we made our way inside and up to the seats that $50 at the last minute can buy…


They were the LITERAL highest seats in the place with the exception of one row behind us. That was it. Haha talk about nosebleed! Luckily anywhere you sit you can still see the field well (plus it’s on jumbo-trons) and you have a great view!


The steps were so steep getting up to our seats and the rows in front of you only come to your shins when you stand. It was almost a little scary! It made me wonder if anyone has ever fallen because it seemed like that would be pretty easy to do!! We kept our seats for the remainder of the first quarter and half of the second and then bid them good-bye for good. Our next order of the plan to keep getting better and better views was to grab some food and find an opening at one of the standing tables in the middle of the stadium. The standing tables have a good vantage point but are always packed around with people. We grabbed chicken fingers and fries and started scoping it out. I knew we hit the jackpot when I saw a table with 3 older gentlemen standing around it (probably upper 50’s, early 60’s). What nice, older man could say no to sharing his table if Kori and I asked so nicely? 🙂 Not these guys obviously because they kindly gave us a lot of space and even indulged all our picture taking.


We watched the rest of the second quarter, the half-time show of talented dogs catching frisbees and most of the third quarter from this spot. We screamed our heads off when Andrew Luck (our quarterback) ran in a touchdown and it was so exciting! Also apparently we have Colts monkeys wandering around the stadium…





For the fourth quarter we decided to kick things up a notch. We had had our eye for some time on a couple of empty seats that were pretty low. No one had been in them the whole time and we finally made our move. We ended up spending the rest of the game in a really great spot!


Yay Colts!


Did I mention we played the Ravens? Because that’s who we were playing and that’s who we beat!


It was so exciting to be there during a victory! The whole stadium was going wild!! It was always loud in there, especially when they were encouraging us to yell during the other teams 3rd down but the noise was nothing compared to when we won! What a seriously awesome way to spend our last day together.



When we got back home I went to dinner at Texas Roadhouse with Kori’s family and then she came by the house to get her stuff and say good-bye. She was spending the last night at her Aunt and Uncle’s so we had our “see-you-later’s” Sunday night.

IMG_5979 IMG_5983

It was the most wonderful, unexpected, surprise birthday weekend I could have asked for. I love that girl so much and can’t wait to see her again!!


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