9 Oct

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Jordan’s-birthday-update-posts to do a little quick catching up in real time. 🙂 And I do mean quick! Monday- gazelle, work (back to real life), 30 minutes of TRX (back to exercising life!), NO Bible study because I went to Zach’s boy’s soccer game. Beautiful sunset on the way to the game!

IMG_5991 IMG_5992

It’s finally that week – sectionals week! Usually we are a shoe-in to win sectionals and definitely to make it into the sectional championship game but this year has been a bit sketchy, especially for the boys team. For Monday night’s game, the game we had to win to get into the championship game, we played Central high school. We had played Central earlier in the season and they beat us 5-1. Not promising. It was cold and windy and despite our boys playing a really good first half, by half-time the other team was up 2-0. It wasn’t looking great but we had been playing so well that I knew a goal was on the way for us. It sure was – in the first 45 seconds of the second half! That got us all excited and screaming since we felt like we were back in the game and after we scored again with 20 minutes to go we were ecstatic! All tied up!! Play was intense and both teams were doing incredibly well but suddenly, with 10 to go we put another in! Ten minutes is a loooong time in soccer and the other team wanted it bad and I was on edge with every passing second hoping that they didn’t put a goal in but guess what? Not only did they not put one in, but we sealed the deal with just a few minutes left and ended up beating the team that had crushed us previously by 4-2!!!


Zach and I were so happy Monday night when we got home and we chattered about the game, staying up later than I usually would but we were so excited. 🙂

Tuesday- gazelle, work, straight to soccer after work. Tuesday night it was the girls turn and they were playing Central also. The girls beat Central by a fair amount in regular season so Zach wasn’t too worried about this game. Nobody else was too worried either after we put 2 goals in almost immediately. Mom and Dad came out for this game too and it was cold, windy and terribly rainy. In fact, with about 10 minutes left in the first half the game got called to break because of lightning. Everyone had to wait 30 minutes before play could resume and since we were up 4-0, Mom, Dad and I just went to Pizza King for dinner instead. 🙂 The girls ended up winning their game 5-1 so now both our teams will be playing Saturday in the sectional championship games!! Gooo Tigers! When I got home I took a couple of pictures of the incredibly large full moon-

IMG_6001 IMG_6015

It was magnificent! I even got to see part of the lunar eclipse the next morning!

Wednesday-gazelle, work, 20 minutes of sprints on the treadmill (1.66 miles) and that’s all I had time for because I had to go home and get ready and head to Mom and Dad’s. Why? Because my birthday never ends and it was time for my Indy birthday dinner with Mom, Dad and Zach! We picked him up from the soccer field and headed to Taste in Broad Ripple.


I’ve been wanting to go here for quite some time but there is one thing that has made that difficult…they only serve dinner on Wednesday and Thursday nights! Weird, right? Well since we are rarely in Indy on a weeknight we have never made it here…until now. 🙂


I got a delicious ginger margarita and then my parents let me have free rein over the menu. This place has lots and lots of small plates as well as a few main things so I told them to pick one main thing to share, we would do the same, and then I would order lots of small plates for the table. What a feast we had… First up was the one small plate that Dad ordered, a special for the night- Baguette with sun dried tomato spread + house made ricotta + white balsamic glaze:


The 4 of us shared this and it had a LOT of ricotta on it but was still tasty. We all scraped some ricotta off because it was piled so high and then ended up eating it off our plates since it was so good. Our plates had cute little decorations on them, I should have taken a picture. Next out was a Caesar salad that we split 4 ways-


This was especially strong on the anchovy flavor which I like in a good caesar. Plate #3 was split just 3 ways because Dad didn’t want any of this one, but Mom, Zach and I LOVED it!


It was some type of bread with swiss cheese, speck (which is a cured meat), egg, asparagus, and truffle oil. Yum. Dish 4 was a tartine which is a French type of open-faced sandwich. They had a large selection of tartines on the menu and we ended up choosing the rare beef/point reyes blue cheese/horseradish/balsamic onion marmalade.


This was one of the absolute favorite dishes of the night by everyone. The roast beef was like butter in your mouth and those onions were divine!! We kept saying that each dish got better than the one before! Next up was an antipasto platter-


A variety of olives, taleggio, provolone, artichoke, prosciutto, bresaola and the best part- caprese. All good but compared to the originality of our other dishes it wasn’t that special. Next our were our mains- Mom and Dad got some type of breaded chicken cutlet that I didn’t photograph but we tried and it was SO good!! Zach and I got the spicy pulled pork tinga which came with flour tortillas, avocado puree, black bean salsa, salsa ranchera and sour cream.


Holy spicy and delicious! We were all getting full at this point though and Zach and I as well as Mom and Dad boxed up half our mains. We also boxed up almost all of our chipotle frites with a chipotle aioli-


We were just too full to enjoy anymore! Dessert was out of the question. Though I am sure it would have been awesome. 🙂 Loved this place!!


It was a wonderful restaurant to celebrate at and I would definitely eat there again…if I were ever in Indy on a Wednesday or Thursday.


861/1,400 miles.


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