8 Oct

Friday morning I got to sleep and sleep and even though daycare kids were arriving, I wasn’t the one who had to watch them! 🙂 What a wonderful thing. Kori and I roused ourselves close to 10 and layer around watching shows for awhile. When we decided to drag ourselves out of the house we went to Ruby Tuesday’s for a brunch bloody mary-


We drove past one of my old houses and one of Kori’s old houses and then went to Mom’s for awhile so that Kori could visit with her.  We were getting sleepy at this point so we got some Thai Smile to go and went back to the house to our big blanket “fort” to watch more How I Met Your Mother. I swear Kori watched like over a season of it while she was here and since I love it so much I was happy to watch it with her! 🙂 We ate later when we got hungry and then took miniature naps. By the time we got up it was 5pm and time to get going. The plan was that she and I were hanging out for awhile, then she had a surprise for me, then Zach was taking me to dinner in Indy for my birthday while Kori hung out with a friend of hers. We went downtown to the Fickle Peach for wine to kill time before her surprise.


It was a beautiful evening, albeit a chilly one and we walked around downtown a little bit after our riesling. We stopped in at a Mexican place but didn’t eat there.


Then it was time for my surprise and Kori told me I had to be blindfolded.


I could not see a thing! She started driving and with all the twists and turns I had absolutely no clue where we were headed.





The car parked a short bit later and Kori guided me out of it while I am bumping into other cars and her telling we had to squeeze through rows of cars. As she had me walking up to a building the footsteps and step-ups felt familiar and when I heard the sound of a handle I realized immediately we were at my house and my first thought was that Zach had set up a birthday dinner for me there or something. As she guided me into the living room and took off my blindfold I fully expected to see my handsome husband there with a table of food, candles, etc. What I didn’t expect to see was several of my friends and family members yelling “Happy Birthday!” at me!!!



I don’t know why but a surprise party had LITERALLY never crossed my mind!! There is a video of me coming in blindfolded saying “Wait! This is my house, I’m in my house!” and then the shock on my face is priceless when they yell at me. 🙂 Made my heart so happy. Zach had planned the whole surprise down to a T and an amazing night began. It started with my weakly blowing out the candles on my awesome Concannon’s cake- I didn’t want to spit on it! Haha


Then Zach announced we had 10 minutes for eating (he ran the whole night like such a good host :)) and we got to get food from the spread in the kitchen-


There was cheese dip + salsa and chips from Puerta, a cheese ball with crackers, taco salad and Pizza King pizza- a great feast for this girl! We ate and visited for a few minutes as I got over my shock and we hung out in the festively decorated living room.



Then it was time for games. Zach had planned a series of games and gotten everything ready for them, prizes included, and they were SO much fun! He did so good!!!! The first game was “Jordan’s Birthday Bingo”. Everyone had a piece of paper with questions on it that you had to go around and ask other party-goers but you could only ask them a question once. Things like “Have you ever traveled overseas?” and if they say no to a question you just don’t get to count that space.



Kori was the first one with a fast bingo and we played one more time before game #2.


For this game Zach made us stand in a line and he clothes-pinned a notecard to the back of each of our shirts. We all had the name of a person on us and we had to ask other people questions to figure out who we were.



Everyone was one half of a celebrity couple and Hillary and I were the first ones to figure ours out! She was Brad Pitt and I was Angelina Jolie. 🙂 It was a loud, funny game and probably my favorite “celebrity couple” was Adam & Eve…



AKA our friend Jacob and my Dad… Next up was Family Feud- Jordan’s birthday style.


Zach had created categories that were all about me and it was so fun to hear people talking about all my favorite things and make guesses about me! It was also funny to see what Zach had put for some of the categories because overall he nailed it all spot-on but occasionally there would be an answer that I would say “Wow! Even I didn’t realize that was my 3rd favorite…” haha. We all laughed so much and the team that had my dad came out the winner!


For the following game Zach said I had to play and then 2 people needed to volunteer to play with me so Mom and Betsey stepped up to the plate. We had bowls in front of us with mostly strawberries and a few blueberries in them. Zach said the object of the game was to transfer out the blueberries with only our mouths- no hands allowed. As we stepped up and ready Zach says- “I just need to add one thing..”



Next thing we knew our bowls were filled with whipped cream!


HA! This game was hysterical to play and probably even funnier to watch.


We were covered in whipped cream and dug through the bowls but Betsey was victorious!


I let Zach know my appreciation for the party…


Haha loved all his games!!


We took it out to the porch for the next round of shenanigans and what had my husband built me but Quidditch Pong!!


I didn’t even know there was such a thing! Haha but it included spells and bludgers and was quite an entertaining way to play. Hillary and I even won thanks to some good spell casting by me. 😉 The next game is our new favorite party game- Baseball! It allows so many more people to play and is a combination of beer pong + flip cup and everyone is participating at all times. Here’s team one-



And team two-


SUCH a fun game!! We played this lots more throughout the night and we’re going to make this one a staple for parties from now on. After this point the “grown-ups” (my parents and Zach’s parents, well and Jacob because he had to sleep) went home and us young-un’s kept the party going. We decided it was time for some dancing and I put on the “Cupid Shuffle”…



🙂 Always a crowd pleaser. We danced and danced and some of us put on our comfy clothes.


We decided to play Hide ‘n Seek in the dark next which is always fun and I hadn’t played in ages. It’s so funny hearing people try not to whisper and giggle in the dark house. After Hillary lost too many times we headed up on the roof for Nick and Betsey’s first roof experience!!

IMG_5838 IMG_5841

Love taking people up there- newbies and roof veterans alike. 🙂


Back inside we continued the fun with…


Karaoke! Really, really bad karaoke.

IMG_5865 IMG_5870

Can you tell how much of a blast this party was? Because it really, really rocked. We sat around the table and played some card games…

IMG_5880 IMG_5884

Followed by more karaoke…


Followed by a vicious game of spoons…


We finally ended the night around 4am with everyone staying to spend the night and we all fell asleep in the “fort” to Lord of the Rings.


Best birthday party ever? Yes. Yes I think it was.


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