7 Oct

Where do I even begin?! I suppose really quickly I need to back up and cover my Wednesday. If I recall correctly, it was a simple morning with gazelle time, an easy workday and it was followed up with a good spin class. I did 21.3 miles in my 63 minutes and was quite pleased with the last workout of age 25. I came home to leftover lasagna that was still as good as the day I made it- great recipe! When Zach got back from soccer we shared bread pudding and watched Dexter and then I went to bed completely unaware of what the next day would bring…

Wednesday’s Food Journal (the last food journal you’ll see for about a week!):

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/strawberries
  • Lunch – peach, brussels
  • Supper – lasagna, bread pudding

Now on to my actual birthday! Thursday morning I woke up and found some sweet things in my classroom-


Lilies + roses, cute balloons and a romantic card for my husband. I was assuming this was about the extent of my birthday surprises for the day because I already knew what the day ahead looked like: work, running, fixing supper and a soccer game. I wasn’t disappointed because birthdays that fall on weekdays aren’t all that exciting as adults and I was just looking forward to the a birthday dinner with Zach the following night. I noticed it looked really pink outside and I went out and snapped a couple of pictures of my beautiful birthday sunrise.

IMG_5661 IMG_5662

I thanked God for it and went back in to continue my morning gazelle workout. Mid-way through I got a phone call from Kori (no surprise there) and I answered it so that she could wish me a happy birthday. She said “I have a surprise for you, when you guys left Georgia this summer I sent a present home with Zach for your birthday so we are going to have a little scavenger hunt now.” Just that right there made me super excited and I followed her instructions and went back into the bedroom to begin looking in the places she named. She’s spouting things off like “in this closet…no the other closet…check your shoe rack…” until finally she says “you know what? just go to the living room.” I’m thinking she has known where it is all along and is just stringing me on and I start walking asking all the while “The front living room or the big living room?” As I get to my entry way I hear the first strains of her singing “Happy Birthday” and it takes me a split second to realize…she isn’t singing over the phone. I walk into the living room and there in the dark kitchen with a piece of Concannon’s cheesecake halfway alight with candles is my best friend singing/crying and I just cover my mouth and am asking repeatedly “What?! What is going on?! How?!?!!” I even shed a tear which is highly unusual for me. 😉


I blow out my sparkler candles (that kept relighting until I finally threw them in the sink) and was absolutely giddy. I had a million questions for her and for Zach and I am just bouncing around excitedly just over the moon that my completely boring birthday day suddenly turned into the most exciting birthday day possible! She’d parked far away and snuck into the backyard and then in through the back porch all without me knowing. I stammer on about the plans we’d been making for when she’d visit in a couple of weeks and how she’s been tricking me all along. I say “But what about the day I got off work so we could spend the whole Friday together?!” and she and Zach tell me how “Surprise! Your day off is TOMORROW!” They thought of everything and Zach’s Mom was already lined up to work for me the next day, yet another person in on the surprise that kept the secret perfectly. Vicki even worked for free as a birthday gift to me! Needless to say, I didn’t accomplish a ton with the kids that morning as Kori and I just hugged and talked and made plans for the weekend. I could not WAIT for Thursday workday to be done so we could begin our awesome fun. Kori took a nap for a good part of the day and Zach’s grandma Sue stopped by with a sweet gift for me. The kids took FOREVER to fall asleep at nap-time and I was like, seriously guys? On my birthday? But finally the workday was over and Kori and I’s adventures began!


It was a beautiful, warm day which was nice because with my birthday on October 2, I have had allll kinds of weather. It was so warm that we were in shorts though! We went out to Tonne and sat on their patio with a bottle of chambourcin.


We showed up with not a lot of time before closing so we told the owner we’d just have a glass and go so we’d be gone in time but he knows me and when he found out it was my birthday he was so kind. He told us he had lots of paperwork and to take all the time we wanted out there and not to leave until we were done!




So of course we listened. 🙂 Next we came home for one of Kori and I’s favorite things to do together-



The roof! We took up champagne, the laptop for music and the camera and we hung out on the roof for a good hour and a half!


It was light when we got up there and before we’d gotten down it was dark out. We love just sitting up there and talking and enjoying being in the same place together. Can’t believe that we used to be able to do that every week together once upon a time… We tried to celebrate that I was 26…


But apparently I’m actually 62…haha. We got off the roof, finally, and went inside to get ready for our evening/make videos of ourselves/reminisce over high school pictures of us and old notes. Here’s a book I made of the two of us back in the day, so high school…



We were finally ready to go get food by the time Zach got back from soccer so he drove us to campus because our original plan was to eat at Scotty’s.


Somehow that plan got scrapped though and we decided to celebrate Thursday the way we used to so often, at Locker Room!


Except we are getting a little too old for Locker Room and the “going out” thing in general so after we ate some cheese fries…


(Cheers fries! Haha) we left Locker Room behind. We wanted to go somewhere not crowded where just the 2 of us could hang out and we found that Deluxe (an upstairs lounge) was totally empty except for a DJ! Perfect.



We played an incredibly long game of beer pong…


And then hung out in a big, black leather booth until we were ready for Zach to come get us at the oh-so-late time of 12:30 haha.


He picked us up, got us Stouffers mac and cheese (always our thing) and the 3 of us built a fort and watched Netflix until almost 3am. A perfect first day of Kori’s surprise visit!!!

850/1,400 miles.


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