1 Oct

I wish that I had pictures of my dinner last night at Mom’s!! I didn’t take my camera over there though. In fact, I didn’t take anything over there except for myself…not even a car! Yesterday was gazelle and a fairly simple day of work. After work and a shower I was ready to get my exercise in AND get myself over to Mom’s. The Cardinal Greenway makes up a good amount of the distance to Mom and Dad’s house and I found a really need website that let me map out my exact route from my doorstep to the Greenway to the point where I got off the Greenway through my parent’s neighborhood and all the way to their front door. The route was exactly 3.08 miles and I was ready for a longer run! It was my first 3 miler since vacation and I was a little nervous but it was great!! The cooler temperatures were perfect and after the first quarter mile I was so glad I didn’t bring my jacket. The sun was out and it was beautiful and once I got my pace set I enjoyed every step of the run. I rocked out to my iPod, smiled at passer-bys, had a little prayer and contemplation time and loved being outdoors all the while. I reached Mom’s 32 minutes after I started which isn’t too shabby for the first time, plus I had to stop and wait on traffic 2 different times, once for a good 30 seconds. I liked getting to their house this way and arrived sweaty and ready to down some water.

Since my birthday is tomorrow Mom wanted to fix me a fun meal and she knows how much I love holidays so she made us “Easter dinner”! 🙂 This is why I wish I’d had my camera! We had ham, veggies and dip, crescent rolls (one of the few meals I eat a roll with), pickled beets and eggs (yum!) and my favorite- cheesy potatoes. Yummmmm. It was all I could to do to not just keep eating up the potatoes but I made myself stick with a normal amount. 😉 I appreciated her thoughtfulness and her, Dad and I visited over our feast. I caught up on Biggest Loser and then Mom brought me home. Zach was arriving home from soccer at the exact same time so we got to spend a whole 30 minutes together on this night!! Sadly I haven’t gotten to sleep with him for the past TWO nights. 😦 The poor guy has been really under the weather and his coughing is so horrible it was keeping both of us up. By Monday evening he was feeling really lethargic and yucky and coughing like crazy so he slept in our guest room. Last night he was feeling a little better (I let him sleep in yesterday morning) but he started up his coughing again and just couldn’t stop. :/ Hoping that stops by tonight, I miss my bed cuddler!

Cheers to my last day ever as a 25 year old!

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – kiwi, 1 egg, 1 slice of toast
  • Lunch – veggie + ham egg scramble
  • Supper – roll, veggies, cheesy potatoes, ham and pickled beets + egg
  • Snack – small piece of bread pudding

840/1,400 miles. 168.5/150 running miles.


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