28 Sep

Friday night I got to spend more time with Zach than I have the rest of the week put together and it was so wonderful! Backing up to Friday morning I did the gazelle and then had a pleasant and uneventful Friday with the kids. After work I went to the gym and did 30 minutes on the treadmill (2.53 miles) and ran the first 2 miles in slightly under 21 minutes and walked the rest at an incline. I came home to watch more Revenge (season 2 finale OHMYWORD) while I waited for Zach to get back from practice. We initially were going to be having leftovers for dinner but earlier in the day Zach said he wanted to do “something fun” and was going to plan a date for us. When he got home he told me to change and go sit in the car and while I was out there he put together a big duffel bag and brought it out with him. After a pit stop by Grandma’s to take her one of the last pieces of chocolate chip cheesecake bar, we were off for our evening!


We first picked up food to go from Burkies, our local drive-in and I couldn’t believe they were still open this far into the year. Next came the portion of “justified justifications”- Zach got us a bottle of champagne from the store, as a surprise. He had totally forgotten about my “September drinking rules” and was just trying to be sweet. When I reminded him I could tell he felt bad (and a little disappointed) but he would never ever make me feel bad for saying no. I weighed my options and decided that these moments are not often and they are always precious and that if there is any time to enjoy champagne then it is on a date with my husband so I chose to have 2 glasses and be smart, to have fun but not over the top and it turned out to be the absolute best decision. We started to head out of town and were witness to another fantastic Indiana sunset-

IMG_5569 IMG_5571

One of the best things about living in the midwest. 🙂 I still had no idea where we were headed until we practically were right on top of it and noticing something with simultaneous surprise- our pond house is inhabited!! If you’ve read this for awhile you may recall the beautiful, huge house with a lovely dock and pond that has been Christine and I’s (and Zach throughout the years) place for a decade. We last went out there just in May, Zach, Christine and I, and had a wonderful time. While it was always a possibility, I don’t think any of us ever believed it could really be sold but there Zach and I were, idling on the street, seeing it all lit up inside with furniture and things that make a house a home and multiple cars in the driveway. I wasn’t actually sad but just nostalgic and glad for all the moments we spent there that could never be repeated.

Luckily Zach had a back-up plan and took us to one of the real-estate properties that his family owns. It’s a very nice one (perhaps the nicest they’ve ever bought) and it is in a small, fancy addition on the outskirts of town. Each house is a decent space away from another house and we commented that it almost felt like being in the country. The house is staged for selling which makes it look like a house you could live in except cleaner and de-cluttered. 🙂 We sat in the beautiful kitchen and had our drive-in food. We shared an order of onion rings and I got a bbq pulled pork sandwich.


I took the top bun off to save some of those empty calories and then I ate a little over half of it and let Zach have the rest. Enjoying things in moderation! After dinner Zach and I moved to the big, comfy ottoman in the living room, turned on the fireplace, and played a fierce game of Scattergories. I won. 🙂


In Zach’s duffel bag when he had expected us to be spending the evening on the dock he had brought blankets, candles, games and even books to read! He’s adorable. We made sure we still utilized everything and after game-playing we went to the front porch for reading. It was so wonderful to be cozy under blankets on the porch just reading and enjoying the beautiful evening outside.


After a few chapters we put the books aside and just talked for the next hour. We get so little time to just sit and talk and it was so nice. I commented that I wished we lived there so we could do this more often and then we concluded that if we actually lived there we’d probably be inside watching Netflix…haha. There’s just something about being somewhere away from home.

We hung out there a little while longer before coming home to finish 12 Angry Men (a really good movie!) and finish the chocolate chip cheesecake bars. I had a small one and Zach had a huge one. Ha! An unexpected and fun Friday indeed.

  • Breakfast – pear, toast w/PB&J
  • Lunch – salad
  • Supper – 3/4 bbq sandwich, a few onion rings, 1 cheesecake bar (the last of those!), 2 glasses champagne

828.5/1,400 miles. 164/150 running miles.


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