24 Sep

Bake on the baking horse yesterday and it was quite worth it! In the morning I did the gazelle and then Zach got us breakfast from Sunshine Cafe after a run to the store and I ate it so late and it was so filling that I didn’t even need to eat lunch. This left more time for spending a lot of nap-time making Chocolate-Chip Cheesecake Bars from a Taste of Home fall baking magazine. Click that link for the full recipe and then go make these – they were really good! I started out mixing ingredients to make a typical cookie dough.


The recipe wanted me to use mini-chocolate chips but I didn’t have any on hand so I used regular semi-sweet chocolate chips + white chocolate chips


and I think that was an excellent substitution! Once the batter was made (and tasted of course) I pressed 3/4 of it into the bottom of a greased baking dish and baked for just 8 minutes.


While that was in the oven I made the cheesecake filling. This was poured over the partially baked cookie dough and then I took the remaining dough and dropped spoonfuls all over the dish.


It baked for another 35 minutes and smelled wonderful the whole time! I baked it the minimum amount of time but probably could have done even less because it came out with the edges looking a little overdone. My oven runs hot and I need to always remember to “undercook” things. The rest of it looked great though and it cooled on wire racks before I put it the refrigerator.


The rest of the workday was smooth and quick and before I knew it I was off work and in the shower. Then over to Mom’s and she and I had a nice 30 minute walk around the neighborhood. It was a beautiful, fall evening outside! Tuesday night looked like normal- Zach had away games, dinner for me at Mom and Dad’s and watching Biggest Loser. What else? 🙂 For supper Mom made mixed veggies and cheesy chicken in the crockpot that we had over egg noodles. It was yummy and filling! Zach wasn’t gone too late last night so as soon as I finished my show I came home to be with him. We each had a piece of the cheesecake bars and they were gooood! The cheesecake filling part was fine, not outstanding, but the cookie dough pieces in it and the cookie crust on the bottom was excellent! I had felt like the recipe for the batter made them a little saltier than usual and I just loved that. I would use this recipe just to make the cookies from it! Now I have a whole pan of treats in the fridge…

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – egg & hashbrown boatload
  • Lunch – batter eating (I know, solid lunch right?)
  • Supper – veggies, cheesy chicken over egg noodles, 1 cheesecake bar

812.5/1,400 miles


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