23 Sep

Monday had nothing very exciting or special about it, so I am going to write it out in bullet point form for ease of convenience. 🙂

  • Woke up, a little sleepy but not terribly
  • Did gazelle
  • Easy morning with the kids
  • Leftovers for lunch + made a warm PB dip for a few vanilla wafers
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning
  • Busy afternoon project with kiddos
  • Beautiful weather for outdoor recess
  • Rushed out the door the second work was over for gym
  • Did 30 minutes of TRX (good class)
  • Home to clean a little more
  • Bible study (started II Timothy)
  • Made some cheesy spaghetti and watched Revenge
  • Zach got home from soccer, cut myself a pass on the snack rule for one night for a mini-concrete from Culver’s
  • Dexter and snuggling
  • Bed early but not as early as I wanted!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – oatmeal
  • Lunch – potatoes & artichoke leftovers, a few vanilla wafers w/PB dip
  • Supper – cheesy spaghetti
  • Snack – mini concrete

809.5/1,400 miles.


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