22 Sep

I am STILL sore from Saturday’s yoga, such a great class. In our hour long practice we did a larger-than-usual number of balance poses since it was almost fall equinox and apparently that is all about balance. It was challenging, especially after being absent for so long, but I did my best and it was a wonderful experience. Vicki took me home quickly after so I could finish the last-minute packing and then pick up Hillary! Zach was down in Noblesville for a boy’s soccer game and Hillary and I arrived to catch the second half.


Unfortunately they lost pretty handily, this season has not been their best. We were all in good spirits though as we took off from there for Bloomington! We popped into a Subway so that Hillary and I could get lunch and we had a pretty easy, fair amount of traffic drive down. The absolute best thing that happened while we were driving was when we came up next to a semi and I noticed something odd in the mirror first. The semi driver had a frog puppet on his hand!!


Hahaha we were dying laughing and when we passed again I took a picture and the older man was just smiling and chuckling. He was adorable, like someone’s grandpa. 🙂 We got to Ryan’s apartment around 3pm and ran our stuff inside. We met Ryan’s girl-friend Kaitlin, who was hanging out with us for the day, and the 5 of us drove to Griffy Lake for some hiking. I had picked out a trail but we weren’t sure exactly where to park or where the trailhead started. We found a gravel area beside the dam that we assumed was for parking and then entered a somewhat shady looking, fenced off area that we deemed could be from Jurassic Park.


Zach was sure this would take us to the trail since we could see stairs in the distance and he was right! Our fearless leader. 🙂 The 1 mile North Shore Loop trail started and ended behind the dam and it was a cool spot!


You won’t see Kaitlin hardly at all because she doesn’t like being in pictures but we all got along really well! After climbing the stairs we could go onto the concrete at the top of the dam and it provided some good views.

IMG_5441 IMG_5442 IMG_5444

Our trail went up through the woods and we followed the path knowing that eventually we would be headed back down toward the lake.

IMG_5448 IMG_5449

We got to an area that we weren’t sure where to go so we ended up practically falling down a reallllly steep ravine and finding ourselves in a creek bed.


Nobody had a clue if we were in the right spot (though Zach thought we could make it work) and so we trudged along finding geodes, making up our own horror movie plots, laughing and dodging bugs. After awhile we popped back up onto the trail and still had no idea if we had found it by accident or done the right thing all along. The last part of the trail took us by Griffy Lake and it was beautiful!

IMG_5453 IMG_5455

The weather was perfect and we sat and hung out by the lake awhile. Zach pitched rocks to me and thought I wouldn’t be able to hit one with my stick but after a few misses I not only hit one but I made it skip! And Hillary caught it on video! Haha clearly I was proud of myself.


Near the very end of our hike we had to climb over a fallen tree that was going straight downhill and when Hillary straddled it to climb over she began sliding down and it was almost really bad! It was both funny and terrifying at the same time. We found a McDonald’s after to change our clothes and chug ice water before heading over to Oliver winery- my other September “drinking day” was here. Zach and I had only been here one other time, 2 years ago, and a big festival was going on that day. Ironically this was the same weekend as that had been and the same festival was going on! It was absolutely packed and took us close to an hour to do a tasting of just 5 wines but we still had a great time.

IMG_5467 IMG_5468

The pours were a good size and I helped pick out wine for Kaitlin, not a huge wine drinker, and she seemed to really like most of them! When we’d finished our tasting Zach and I bought a bottle of Gewurtztraminer for everyone to share, which was still a good sized glass per person, and we toasted to our day and the night to come while sitting outside listening to the live music. Oliver has beautiful grounds and Zach, Hillary and I walked around exploring some and taking pictures. The pond is especially lovely.

IMG_5470 IMG_5472

When we left we were in a very long line of cars waiting to pull out so Hillary and I jumped out of the car and ran into the vineyards to take some pictures.

IMG_5475 IMG_5480

Hillary had never been to a winery with the vineyards there before and she wanted pictures with them so badly that I indulged her. 🙂


We sprinted through the rows of grapes, laughing and taking quick photos, before we popped back out and dashed to the car to make it just before it was our turn to pull out.

We had to drop Kaitlin off at the library so she could work her 2 hour shift and the rest of us went back to Ryan’s. Hillary and I set up camp in Ryan’s room with everything we needed for the hair curling that was about to take place for the next several hours- iPod playing on Ryan’s sound system, wine for me and rum drinks for Hillary and of course all the hair stuff necessary. The boys went to Upland Brewing to do a tasting and have a pint and Hillary proceeded to spend a great deal of time curling my thick, long mass of hair. She’s a good friend to do that because it sure takes time and patience! I would never be able to curl my hair… We had so much fun just talking, me teasing Hillary calling her “Michael” after Michael Jackson since she had to wear a black glove on one hand to keep from burning herself, and having general girl time and my hair looked pretty awesome when she was finally done.

IMG_5485 IMG_5487

I tried to help her curl hers but after 3 strands she gave up on me and did it herself. I’m hopeless. Haha. I was just impressed that I had managed to get my hair in a fishtail earlier in the day!! Finally around 9pm we were all ready and hungry and Kaitlin got back from the library so she drove us all to downtown Bloomington for dinner at Quaff On.


This place is somewhat new and their menu looked great. We were all super hungry by the time food came and every single thing was great! Zach’s chicken, bacon and mission fig pizza.


Hillary’s mac and cheese with jalapeños. Ryan’s chorizo burgers on challah buns. My nacho boat with pork green chili.


I am taking Kaitlin’s word that hers was good too since I didn’t eat any. 😉 We were so happy to get some food.


Afterwards we walked around on the streets and saw various street performers including a girl who did some impressive and dangerous aerial act with ribbons! I wish I could have caught her during the show because it was really neat to watch!


Ryan and Kaitlin took the car back to his apartment because they were tired and she had to be up early the next day but Zach, Hillary and I stayed out.

IMG_5499 IMG_5501

We walked to Kilroy’s and went upstairs and it was still really empty up top.


This was nice because we were able to get a drink and claim one of the big, black, leather, corner booths which is great for people watching.


We played games and the place began to really fill up. When we were finished there we walked a good ways to get to Sports which is enormous.


I don’t know how many people where there but there are sooo many rooms and patios and other outdoor areas and it’s just crazy! IU is certainly a lot bigger than Ball State…


Nobody wanted another drink, we just wanted to dance for fun for awhile which we did until it got crazy packed and claustrophobic! That’s also when people start dancing in ways you want no part in which means it’s time to go! We caught a cab back to Ryan’s and were in bed by 2am. It was one of those days that I really wished I had a Fitbit because we did so much walking. A very full and fun day!

Saturday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB
  • Lunch – 6 in. veggie sub
  • Supper – nachos, wine tasting, 4 glasses wine, 1 cocktail

Sunday morning we surprisingly were able to sleep until 9:30. I was expecting to be awake and tossing by 7am being in a strange place but it wasn’t too bad of a night’s sleep! We weren’t sticking around long so we packed up and said our goodbyes to Ryan. We picked up donuts from Square Donut on our way out of town.


We had an easy, uneventful drive back but I didn’t get back home in time to attend my friend Kelly’s wedding shower. :/ Instead Zach and I planned our menu for the week and I had a nice nap on the couch while he went and changed the brake pads. After a lazy Sunday afternoon we grabbed the kid’s groceries for the week and went to our Sunday night class. This week we watched a documentary by Ben Stein called Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed and it was very interesting. The majority of it was based on the fallout a scientist faces if they even so much as mention the concept of intelligent design and how the general freedom of science is constrained within what the Academy wants to consider as scientific theory. A good watch for sure. We met up with Mom and Dad at Puerta for dinner and then came home to bake some cookies from the freezer and watch Dexter. Another week lies ahead!

Sunday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – donut
  • Lunch – spaghetti squash, corn chips, 1 cookie
  • Supper – chips and queso, taco, 3 cookies

807.5/1,400 miles.


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