20 Sep

Great fun lies ahead today!! Zach, Hillary and I are taking a mini-roadtrip down to Bloomington for a less-than-24-hour whirlwind of fun with our friend Ryan. Ryan moved down there a few weeks ago and since I have been to Bloomington more times than the rest of them put together I can’t wait to introduce them to all the things I love about that town. We’re going to have sooo much fun!!!

Yesterday was a much, much better workday than Thursday had been. Gazelle in the morning, spaghetti squash lunch simply seasoned with S+P and a little butter melted in with cherry tomatoes on top (surprisingly delicious!), beautiful weather and then it was the weekend. I went to the gym to do sprints and ran them at the fastest pace I have since before Florida- yay! In 30 minutes I got exactly 2.5 miles and a great workout to boot. I’ve been cooking all week so it was definitely a leftovers night for Zach and I, our fridge is so full! We both ate some of the penne alla vodka and it seemed to reheat pretty well.

After supper Zach and I walked on the Greenway since it was such a pleasant evening. For 1.3 miles we walked and talked and held hands and enjoyed a beautiful sunset. 🙂 Nice times together don’t always have to cost money. Then it was getting stuff ready for the trip today, watching some Dexter and getting to bed at a decent time. Now this morning I am finally up and ready for yoga for the first time in ages!! Enjoy your weekend, I sure plan to!

Friday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt w/banana
  • Lunch – spaghetti squash
  • Supper – pasta

805.5/1,400 miles.


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