18 Sep

Oh man are the kids testing my patience today. I’ve had some sick the past two days but today they are all back in full force and the volume in the classroom is out of control. Hoping for a good nap-time today…

Tuesday morning was really rough. I’m lucky I squeezed my 30 minutes on the gazelle in before things got bad because otherwise it would have been impossible. My new little guy just cried allll morning long. By lunchtime I was sending both him and another little girl home with fevers. No wonder they were so difficult! I knew from pretty much the start of the day that kids were going to be sick. When you have done this as long as I have you can tell the signs of toddler illness before they even know it themselves! The second half of the day was much easier with my criers gone but I was still feeling wiped by the time the workday was done. I didn’t put in a full workout but I did do 4 minutes of jump roping and 3 minutes on Mom and Dad’s stationery bike just for a little something extra.

Tuesday was one of those late away games for Zach so I had dinner at Mom’s like usual. She made fish with a delicious soy sauce glaze, broccoli, parsley potatoes and cinnamon rolls.


The new show I am watching DVR’d at her house is Biggest Loser. I feel like it’s been forever since this show was on and I always love it! I came home to solitude but got to see Zach for a bit after he got home. I usually have to be up by 6:30 every morning but for some reason it worked out that Wednesday I wouldn’t have any kids until after 8am (!!) which NEVER happens so I could sleep in a whole extra hour. I wish we could hang out that late together every night. 🙂

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 slice of banana bread
  • Lunch – 1 1/2 chicken enchilada leftovers
  • Supper – 1 cinn. roll, broccoli, fish, potatoes, 1 cookie

Wednesday morning it was weird waking up late and I actually checked the clock probably every 5 minutes from 7 to 7:30 because it felt wrong to be in bed still, haha. It was an easy workday since I had several out sick and it went rather quickly. Gazelle in the morning and then a long overdue spins class at the gym!! It was so great to be back on the bike. I am finally getting into a good eating/exercise routine for the first time since vacation and am finally seeing results on the scale again too…thank goodness. 🙂 I got there later than usual so I only got 62 minutes (20.2 miles) in but it was so much better than nothing!

I came home to fix dinner quickly before a soccer game. I had set up everything I needed that I could do ahead of time to make No Cream, No Cry Penne alla Vodka from Now Eat This. You know I am an enormous pasta fanatic, so any recipe that can take a previously heavy pasta dish and turn it into something healthy but still tasty is incredible in my book. I cooked whole wheat pasta in a pot and heated up marinara sauce in another (I use a natural kind that has very low added sugar, check how much sugar is in your pasta sauce- it’s unnecessary!). When the marinara was hot I took a half cup of it and mixed it in a bowl with greek yogurt.


Greek yogurt is the component used to replace the heavy cream in this recipe and you mix it with just a little sauce first so it doesn’t curdle. Then that was stirred back into the marinara. The pasta was tossed in the sauce and seasoned with red pepper flakes and dried basil (I didn’t have any fresh unfortunately). Topped it off with parmesan cheese and put it in some tupperware to take to the game. I showed up thinking I would be a few minutes late but it was almost the end of the first half! Oops. The game started earlier than I thought. Vicki and I sat in chairs for the second half and I ate my delicious pasta.


Good recipe! This was spicy and delicious. Our girl’s team lost but to a pretty good school and it was mighty chilly by the time the game was over. I need to remember to bring all sorts of winter apparel to these night games! Got to spend a little time with Zach at home before it was time to call it a day, back to my 6:30 schedule the next morning.

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – banana w/PB, 1 slice of toast w/jam
  • Lunch – salad w/ the last of the leftover shrimp roll filling, few fries (last of Barn leftovers)
  • Supper – penne, 2 cookies

798.5/1,400 miles.


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