11 Sep

Ugh. The last two days were NOT so hot! Monday I was battling a cold somewhat but expected it to be getting better each day, not worse. Tuesday I woke up and did my gazelle but then that was the only exercise I did all day because I started feeling worse and worse. Instead of working out after work I simply showered and went over to Mom’s for dinner and our DVR’d shows. I came back home and watched Revenge (so hooked!) while eating a piece of cheesecake from Concannon’s for my last non-homemade snack of the month. Zach got home right as I went to bed, which was nice, and I fell asleep hoping to feel better in the morning.

Tuesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – 1 piece leftover quiche
  • Lunch – salad with leftover tofu, trail mix
  • Supper – pork chop, rice, apples w/caramel
  • Snack – piece of cheesecake

Nope. I felt way, way worse in the morning. Wednesday was the worst day by far. I woke up and my head was filled with fluid and I couldn’t breathe to save my life. Honestly most of yesterday is a fog. I chilled off and on throughout the day and didn’t even eat until after 1pm. Even then I didn’t eat much though and nothing tasted right. Obviously no exercise was completed and we didn’t get any of the classroom projects done that I had planned for the day. After work I laid on the couch and didn’t do much of anything but upload pictures to Facebook. Zach’s games got cancelled due to storms and after we watched some Netflix he said he had to get me out of the house and I had to eat something (neither of which I wanted to do). We went for a drive that honestly did help me feel better and he got me pasta at Fazolis. We went to bed pretty early and that was all the day consisted of!

Wednesday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – none
  • Lunch – few pieces of cheese, crackers
  • Supper – alfredo

Thankfully I’m feeling better today and will hopefully continue on that path!

776/1,400 miles.


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