3 Sep

Getting tons of sleep Saturday night was a vast improvement over the night before. I woke up Sunday morning refreshed and excited for Zach and I’s upcoming adventure. He had to do slides at church so he was already gone when I woke up but I found a note from him detailing all the things I needed to pack. I got busy and had almost everything ready by the time I left for church. We had a good service and then rushed home for me to finish packing and Zach to fix us lunch. He threw together “BLP’s”- Bacon/Lettuce/Peppers!


We ate these on the road as we took off for a destination unknown to me. It wasn’t becoming any clearer as we drove on either because we were on all manner of country roads, going through small towns and I had no clue where we were! When we finally reached our first stop, Vinoklet Winery, all I knew is that we were somewhere in Ohio and it was beautiful!

IMG_5131 IMG_5135

Even though it was an overcast day we never had any rain which was great for exploring the grounds at this picturesque winery.

IMG_5140 IMG_5144

Zach and I got a tasting flight and sat upstairs in their solarium overlooking the view.

IMG_5149 IMG_5151

We each got 8 samples to taste, one of each of their wines, and they were set up in order of the driest to the sweetest. It was a fun way to do a tasting! We agreed on a favorite, got a bottle of it to go, and walked around outside a bit more before leaving.


We drove on and then pulled into a Whole Foods. I was a bit confused but Zach instructed me that I was to get a few things we would want for a cheese plate. Say no more! I was off grabbing crackers and some unique cheeses to try. Sending me off to get food in a Whole Foods is my forte. 🙂 Back in the car and off to the next stop, another winery.


This place was called Valley Vineyards and it looked like it would be a fun place to hang out. Outside they had corn hole and adult jenga as well as a series of grills for you to bring your own food cook out on. We weren’t staying here terribly long though so it was just a tasting for us.


I still had no clue where we were and wasn’t any more aware when we pulled up to a big house way down a lane on the edge of the country.


Turns out this house was called Sinclair House and it was a bed and breakfast!! Zach is so cute. 🙂 He found this place that had great reviews and got lucky that it was available for Sunday night! She had just had a whole crowd of people for a reunion who cleared out that morning and we were the only people staying for the night. I love having the run of a place. We met her cat, Stella, right off the bat and she was just the friendliest cat with the BIGGEST paws!


She was a polydactyl which means she has 6 toes on each paw. Too cute. Our room was very nice. It was very clean and incredibly comfortable!

IMG_5175 IMG_5178


Zach informed me that now was the time to eat our cheese as we had down-time before our next thing. Zach specifically scheduled down-time into our evening because he knows how much I love hanging around a place just talking and enjoying the atmosphere and having wine. He really knows how to plan me the exact perfect trip. 🙂 We took our cheese board and wine down to the front porch to take in the evening.

IMG_5180 IMG_5182

It was a great front porch to hang out on! We talked and laughed and cuddled and for awhile felt like the only two people in the world. 🙂 Once we’d eaten our fill of cheese (didn’t want to spoil dinner) we explored the property a little.


Then headed upstairs to get ready for dinner. We played some cards since we had just a tad more time to kill and then we were off again to a new destination!


The sun was setting right as we were approaching the city of Dayton, OH and it made for a beautiful city-scape.


I love a good sunset and I love a good skyline. 🙂 Zach’s dinner spot of choice was called Lily’s Bistro. It was a farm-to-fork restaurant with a revolving menu and a great outdoor patio.


Apparently Sunday evenings is “fried chicken night” at Lily’s and so the majority of the menu revolves around that. I’m never someone who goes out for dinner and thinks “I am ordering fried chicken” but if there is anywhere to get some, I figure a place like this is it. We started out with drinks and I had some delicious cocktail that had strawberry moonshine in it!

IMG_5226 IMG_5228

When you order the chicken they let you know that it is going to take a good amount of time to cook so we got a peach appetizer to have while we waited.


One peach half for each of us stuffed with some type of goat cheese and almond mix and drizzle with balsamic vinaigrette. Quite good! The wait didn’t feel too terribly long and soon freshly cooked fried chicken was being placed in front of us along with our sides of mashed potatoes and chicken gravy, mac and cheese and fried okra.


The chicken was without a doubt the best friend chicken I’ve ever had. The mashed potatoes were the perfect side to this and I could have eaten two dishes of those! The mac and cheese was good but not anything special and Zach’s the only one who ate the fried okra. I tried a piece just to see but I already knew how I felt about it. Something about the gelatinous texture of okra, even when it’s been fried, just puts me off and it’s not my kind of dish. Excellent dinner all around though and the best dining companion I could have asked for! We walked around the Oregon district some deciding what our next move would be.


The Oregon district is where all the best dining/bars in Dayton are and we saw lots of cool places to stop in. We chose a local place called Lucky’s and stepped in for a drink.


Neither of us finished our drinks though because we were just too stuffed from supper and starting to get sleepy! We decided to head back to the B and B and call it a wonderful night.


It’s a good thing we went to bed at a decent time since Monday morning we were up at 7:45am to partake in the breakfast part of our bed and breakfast. We walked downstairs to a table set for us.


Water, oj and little yogurt/blueberry/granola parfaits for each of us! We started eating while our hostess, Kate, prepared the hot portion of breakfast. We both complimented her on the outstanding bed and blankets in our room. We had had an absolutely fantastic night’s sleep- most comfortable bed and bedding ever!! While we ate our parfaits Kate poured Zach some coffee and when I turned it down she poured me hot water to make hot tea instead.


I never, I mean never, drink hot tea but I decided what the heck! I had some type of lemon herbal tea and put a little sugar and some lemon slices in it (pretended I knew what the heck I was doing) and it wasn’t half bad. I am not a huge beverage person and am definitely not about to start drinking hot tea all the time, but I wouldn’t mind having a cup now and again. Shortly after finishing our yogurt the hot breakfast appeared in front of us.


It’s partially eaten in my picture because we were chatting with her while we ate and I didn’t want to be rude or awkward and snap a photo, haha. Kate is a great cook! We had fresh hash browns that were perfect and her take on eggs benedict was both unique and delicious. Over the biscuits the eggs were scrambled instead of poached and the ham was diced instead of in large slices and the hollandaise went over the top of it all and Zach and I totally cleaned our plates. 🙂 Yum!

After we’d eaten we packed up, thanked Kate and left our bed and breakfast behind. It was an incredibly overcast morning, sprinkling here and there, but hiking was next on Zach’s agenda and we are never ones to back down from a plan!


We took off on a trail in Caesar Creek State Park and popped out of the woods to an area by the lake.

DSCF1295 DSCF1297

I imagine on a nicer day the lake would be a beautiful color but everything was pretty gray on Labor Day! Still cool scenery though.

DSCF1301 DSCF1304

After 1.2 miles we came across the first trail’s destination – Horseshoe Falls.



They were pretty but not exactly what I’d call “falls” after just getting home from Oregon. 😉

DSCF1315 DSCF1320

On the hike back it started raining and we could see it out over the lake like crazy but we were still pretty dry under the tree canopy.


Unfortunately that didn’t last long before the water broke through and we were totally soaked as well! Of course we made the best of it. 🙂


Good thing I took my underwater camera! We were drenched when we got back to the car and attempted to half-way dry under the accelerated hand dryers in the bathrooms, ha! Luckily the sun started to come out so we decided to do another trail and use that time to dry off. This trail started at the dam.


It was a 1 mile loop down in the gorge and while it didn’t have a whole lot of scenery to enjoy, it was still good for drying off and walking and talking.

DSCF1332 DSCF1333


It was time to get out of our mostly-dry-by-this-point clothes and put on something we wouldn’t mind eating at a restaurant in. Zach drove us back into Dayton and straight to the Oregon district again to go to our lunch place.


Unfortunately we walked up and saw that the Thai/sushi place he had picked was closed for Labor Day. He had even called a few days earlier and they said they would be open! Luckily Zach had a back-up plan and took us to what was rated as the top sushi place in Dayton.


It was perfect that it worked out this way because our sushi here was AWESOME! We’d both been craving sushi for quite awhile and totally got our fix here with 3 specialty rolls.

IMG_5249 IMG_5250 IMG_5251

I couldn’t even tell you what was in/on all of these but I can tell you they were fresh, flavorful and some excellent sushi. Judging by the fact that we were the only white people there the entire time I think you can count on this being some good Japanese food. 😉


We loved every bite right down to the “free dessert” of the tiniest little squares of brownie. What an excellent, whirlwind little trip my husband planned. I was grateful for every second.


We got home and relaxed together, did a puzzle over at Mom and Dad’s (while they were gone no less!), binge watched Dexter, built a fort to watch Netflix in, finished Rudy and ate Pizza King. A day of no labor for Labor Day. 🙂 Now as promised I am keeping a food journal every day of September. The first couple days are NOT going to be pretty but I can promise you they will get better!

Monday’s Food Journal:

  • Breakfast – yogurt parfait, hash browns, fruit, eggs benedict
  • Lunch – 1 1/2 rolls of sushi, tiny brownie piece, 1 bird’s nest cookie (sent with us by our hostess)
  • Supper – 2 1/2 breadsticks, 6 pieces Pizza King pizza, small ice cream

761/1,400 miles.



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