2 Sep

Good grief, busy life! So many things have gone on and I barely have a second to process them let alone write about them. I think that this will be a post about Friday/Saturday of Labor Day weekend and then tomorrow I will do the Sunday/Monday portion. Also perhaps I will start writing about my trip to Oregon at some point…

I only had 4 kids on Friday! It was a ridiculously small group mostly due to the fact that we were headed into a holiday weekend. This made for a fun and easy day of daycare. Good news since I had lots to do to get our house ready for Friday evening. I responded to the ALS ice bucket challenge and got the kids involved with the video by helping dump ice water on me and challenging everyone to donate. They had a blast with that. 🙂 After work I went to Mom’s to watch some more of my show that she dvr’s for me since I am still playing catch-up on all that I have missed the past couple of weeks. I wasn’t over there too long though because I had to get back home and finish cleaning. Zach was having a bunch of guys over for a fantasy football draft and my job was to be the auctioneer. Hillary came over to keep me company so I wasn’t the only girl. 🙂


I wasn’t exactly sure what I was even doing at first but got the hang of it and became a half-way decent auctioneer. I did my best to keep the process speedy because 8 guys and 16 rounds of drafting can take quite awhile! If I had a dollar for every time I said “Going once…going twice…” and then was interrupted… Luckily we had some delicious chicken dip that one of Zach’s friends made to munch on because I hadn’t eaten dinner yet and the draft took almost 3 hours.


When we were finally finished the guys hung around talking and Hillary and I escaped up to the roof. 🙂


I showed her a video I had made on my laptop of the two of us which made her simultaneously laugh and cry. Then we got Zach and the 3 of us took a taxi to campus to have a drink. Ball State University is back in session and there are cop checkpoints everywhere so we would much rather shell out cab money and be smart!

DSCF1276 DSCF1281

We had fun visiting but didn’t stay out all that long since, as usual, we go out and remember that it is just not our thing anymore. Instead we got breakfast and watched movies and stayed up much too late which was entirely fine since no alarms needed to be set in the morning!

Saturday morning Zach and I slept and slept, it was wonderful. We hadn’t gone to bed until almost 5am which had us sleeping until almost 2pm!! Who do we think we are- college students? Haha it was fun but definitely not something to do often- I require a much more normal sleep schedule than that. It’s probably a big part of the reason my throat hurts so bad today… Once we were finally up and at ’em we had practically no time at all before our next “Labor Day weekend activity” so we jumped in the shower and headed over to Mom and Dad’s. Once Dad got off work the 4 of us headed out of town for a some fun that I had planned literally just hours before. Our first stop was at J and J Winery in Richmond. This was a new one for us and you know how much Zach and I love “collecting” wineries, especially ones from Indiana. We save one bottle from each IN winery to display at we are at 25 now! The tastings here were unusual as they do larger pours in a flight style so Zach and I shared one flight and Mom and Dad another.

IMG_5083 IMG_5084

J and J is connected to Big Dawg Brewhaus so Zach did taste one of their beers but he decided it was just a wine kind of day. There was a Class of ’04 reunion going on outside in a tent and Zach and I got asked if we were there for that. We were ’06 so not too far off! After our tasting we got a bottle of riesling to share 4 ways and took it outside on the patio.


It had rained earlier in the day but luckily stayed dry for us to enjoy the outdoors. They have pretty grounds at J and J with a large pond and cute gazebo.


All of which become necessary things to photograph of course. 🙂

IMG_5094 IMG_5099 IMG_5109

When we started to get hungry enough for dinner we went just a few miles down the road to Firehouse BBQ and Blues.


This restaurant is in an old firehouse from 1860 that still shows remnants of when fires were fought by firemen in horse and buggy. The actual dining area is where the stables used to be and it made for an interesting environment.


I like places with character and since Indy Monthly had pegged this place as a “dinner destination worth the drive”, I knew it had to be worth it.


BBQ is what this place does best and Zach and I shared a whole sampler. It had ribs, pulled pork, brisket, brunswick stew, cornbread, mac and cheese and cheesy potatoes.

IMG_5124 IMG_5125 IMG_5126

A veritable bbq feast! While we agreed it wasn’t the most flavorful meat we’d ever had, it was cooked very well and when topped with one of the sauce options it was very good. A fun find for sure! We ended up watching some Dexter at home and going to bed pretty early after our very late night the night before.



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