29 Aug

So little to post about from the past few days mainly because getting back from a trip is always the recipe for needing lots of sleep and accomplishing little exercise. Monday I obviously had no exercise unless you count running through airports (which I do a little…) and spent the majority of my day sitting. Sitting in terminals, sitting on planes, sitting in the car. Tuesday wasn’t anything impressive either. Total exhaustion meant summoning all my energy to teach the kids and having zero for physical activity or cooking. Thankfully Mom fixed dinner for us my first night back because otherwise I was probably just going to fall asleep without eating!

Wednesday I was still pretty tired and didn’t do the gazelle but I DID drag myself to the gym after work for 20 minutes of walking on the treadmill. Definitely not much, but better than something. Thursday continued in the vein of doing more with both the gazelle and a 40 minute walk with Mom after work. If you look at my mediocre workouts of the last couple weeks my next announcement should come as no surprise to you- Zach and I have decided to defer our Tough Mudder. In NO way, shape or form does this mean we aren’t doing it!!! But thankfully Tough Mudder allows you to defer for free and we picked the next date of somewhere close to us which happened to be in Chicago on May 9th. Had we have kept on the same track of training after vacation that we did the month before I think we would be legitimately ready. Unfortunately good training has been spotty at best and it just isn’t worth it. I thought about going ahead and doing it regardless and pushing through but honestly the fear of injury from under-training combined with how miserable it would be put me off. I want this to be a GOOD experience. I don’t want to finish and think it was horrible or that I wish I would have trained harder. So we have 8 solid months now to put in and I have every confidence that this was the best choice we could make!

In the same conversation about choices I have made another one. From September 1st until my birthday on October 2nd, I am only going to be drinking twice. Once is on a trip down to Bloomington with friends and the other is a “bonus day” but outside of those two things I am declaring it an alcohol-free month. Basically I’d just like to detox and amp up my eating and training and this is always the best way for me to do it. To keep myself accountable I am pledging to donate $2 for every day I follow my “rule” to our Muncie Mission. And finally I am committing to food journaling every single day. I just need that push, ya know? I think that this combination of things is pretty winning and I am calling September my “detox, mostly clean-eating, start pushing hard on training” month. 🙂 We’ll see how that goes!

Also in case you missed it, I finally finished posting about this summer’s vacation! Next up- the Pacific Northwest.

758/1,400 miles.


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