20 Aug

It’s now July 2, Wednesday in vacation post land which became known as Chatahoochee day! The Chatahoochee river that is. Zach, Kori and I got up and ready for our day a little after 9am and it was another beautiful morning. We had had our fingers crossed for good weather because we were about to be on the water for a looong time. Zach took our car and Kori and I went in hers and we rode around in the 2 cars for quite awhile trying to find the ending place to park our car. When you do the river you have to have a car at the starting point and then another where you get off so you can get back to your first car (obviously). Well Kori wanted us to do the 4 hour float but we couldn’t find the place to park at all. Finally we left our car at the end of the 2 hour float which is where Kori and I park one of the cars every year. We picked up Larry, our tubes, some subs from Kroger and parked at our starting point. We had to inflate our tubes first which didn’t take too terribly long.



Then we were ready to head to the river!


We started inching our way into the FREEZING cold water, thankfully it was a hot day. The water was the kind of cold that takes your breath away!

DSCF0681 DSCF0682

Kori and I’s tubes were the lay down kind that were perfect for getting sun and so comfortable but shortly into our float we realized Kori’s had a hole in it! Haha this meant we had to all take turns repeatedly blowing her tube up throughout the day.


It was perfect weather out with a cloudless sky and it was SO fun to finally have Zach experience the river floating that I always have so much fun doing when I visit Kori.


For awhile we had a whole colony of ducks following us and we fed them our sunflower seeds. Larry even pet one!

DSCF0693 DSCF0694

We’d float then tie off at random spots (which usually meant Zach or Larry holding on to large sticks to keep us in one place). We’d stay stationary for awhile just drinking and talking which was great for making our float last longer and especially great when we wanted loud/annoying kids on tubes to get past us!

DSCF0705 DSCF0708

We played a lot of games while we floated, our favorite being the “Kill or Marry” game. 🙂 We also had to let Kori play humanitarian and rescue not one but two drowning caterpillars who got named Fuzzy and Furry. Near the end of floating we decided to “dock” at a little beach area and Kori and I were separated from the boys which meant I had to get in the river and swim/pull us over to the beach.


This was quite comical and resulted in the river claiming my favorite pair of sunglasses and one of our ropes… We hung out on our beach getting sun, talking, building sandcastles, inspecting the abandoned tractors and the like.

DSCF0727 DSCF0729

(The sunglasses are still there in those photos but disappeared shortly after). All in all we floated for about 3 hours+ and had such a blast doing it!

DSCF0757 DSCF0761 DSCF0763

Thankfully Zach had been wearing a pair of my other sunglasses so I still had some to shade my eyes! We all showered and changed and went downtown Lawrenceville for dinner at Kori and I’s favorite Mexican place (love that I have been there enough times to have a favorite!)


The boys went to some beer store and Kori and I went right to La Cazuela to eat chips and drink margaritas while waiting on the guys.

IMG_3009 IMG_3013

When the boys joined us we got food and had a slew of pictures taken. We knew the waitress and she shot tons of pictures of us. 🙂

IMG_3031 IMG_3036 IMG_3037 IMG_3039 IMG_3040

By the time we were finished eating and hanging out it was getting late.


We decided to go back to Kori’s apartment, put on a movie and crash!


Another vacation post down! Just a few to go…


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