18 Aug

Friday was full of unconventional workouts. Gazelle in the morning was normal but that was it. I knew I wasn’t going to have time to go to the gym after work so I decided to do random things at home. These included 50 pushups, 12 minutes of “indoor jogging”, pull-up practice and 400 jump rope rotations. I jump rope outside while the kids are playing and they think it looks like great fun. 🙂 I like to think it’s a good influence on them to see me exercising because I often stress the importance of activity to them! It was a good, quick Friday (with one massive nosebleed incident that made the classroom briefly look like a war zone…) and I got ready as soon as I was off work. It was that time of year that Zach relishes so much, our high school alumni soccer game.


Despite not knowing any students anymore (we’ve been out of school over 8 years now!) we always go because Zach loves to play. He has scored goals every year and this year was no exception. 🙂 He throws a kiss my way every time and it takes me right back to the high school days of when I was the statistician for the varsity soccer team just so I could ride the bus and watch my then boyfriend rack up goals.

I sat and had half an eye on the game while I chatted with whoever was up on the bleachers at the time which was a rotation of my mother-in-law, Hillary, Betsy (a name you might start hearing more since she is the wife of Zach and Steven’s new assistant soccer coach), and Leah and baby Connor!

IMG_4259 IMG_4261

After the soccer game, which the alumni won, we headed over to the volleyball game to watch Hillary play.


The older alumni didn’t do so hot at first but they also managed to pull out a win and we were hungry and glad by the time it was all done! Time for Puerta. 🙂 Me, Zach, Steven, Hillary, her sister Haley and an old friend from high school, Chelsy, got a table and began chowing down on chips. Some of us got margaritas (I was in the some of us haha) and we had a blast catching up and talking and laughing and reminiscing. The boys had their own little conversation going on at the end of the table and us girls were bringing up tons of high school memories and cracking ourselves up! We all talked for quite awhile before Haley and Chelsy took off and Steven and Hillary came over to our place. Ryan joined us and the 5 of us played cards for hours.


Hillary and I made a delicious rum bucket reminiscent of Florida-


And we enjoyed hanging out with Ryan who is moving down to Bloomington for school.


We stayed up well into Saturday morning which meant some sleeping in the next day!

I didn’t sleep in too late though because there were lots of things to do. First of these was going to the gym for a workout. I ran 3 miles on the treadmill and called that a good start to the day. Next were lots of menial tasks like menu planning, showering, grocery shopping and cleaning. When Zach got home from his soccer scrimmages we set out in the neighborhood for a 2 mile run which makes 5 miles run for Saturday! We had a little down-time with Dexter then Zach was my kitchen assistant as we prepared a dish. We were having a get together at Zach’s grandma’s house that evening and it was a Mexican bar chip-in. I was making a double side of Cilantro Lime Rice from a recipe that Vicki found off of a blog called Mommy’s Kitchen. I had never heard of this blog before but the recipe was a great one! Zach helped with mincing garlic, zesting the limes, juicing the limes and chopping cilantro.

IMG_4283 IMG_4286

The recipe had me melting butter and coating the rice in it for a couple of minutes before I added liquids which was an unusual technique but I think made it extra flavorful! We cooked the rice, lime zest, garlic and lime juice in chicken broth. In another bowl I mixed the cilantro, sugar and more lime juice to get poured over the hot rice once it was cooked.


As soon as the dish was done we went right over to Grandma Evelyn’s with our hot dish. Evelyn is having open-heart surgery tomorrow so we wanted to have a family hang-out to spend time with her before her big surgery. The food was plentiful and we ate delicious tacos, chips with dips, a mexican pasta salad, wonderful butterscotch bread and our tasty rice! We watched some Shark Tank, played tennis and golf on the wii (with my wonderful mii Beefycakes haha), played cards and visited.

IMG_4288 IMG_4291 IMG_4292

It was fun to spend the evening with family and we got some good laughs out of it too (just let Vicki know if you need to go potty…). Zach and I watched more Fargo and went to bed early because I was ready for a good, solid night’s sleep!

Sunday morning was off to church and teaching the 2-4’s with Mom. We had an adorable little girl in our class yesterday who I would LOVE to be in my daycare, such a doll!! We went grocery shopping, came home and ate leftovers and finished Fargo (interesting movie, love the MN accents!), then I went to the gym while Zach bottled beer. I did 45 minutes on the treadmill and alternated running half miles at a time with walking at an incline. Ended up with 1.5 miles run and 3.3 miles total. I went out to the mall to use a gift card to pick up some cute new clothes for my trip and then when Zach got home we went out to Tonne. Who should join us but Mom and Dad?! 🙂


Tonne closes at 5 but we weren’t done hanging out so the 4 of us went to Savages for pool-playing, eating, a drink and visiting. Mostly it was the guys playing pool while Mom and I visited. We parted ways and when Zach and I went home he started pumping up soccer balls which led to a discussion about soccer which randomly led to us grabbing a ball and heading to the field near our house!


I NEVER EVER play soccer but for some reason really had the urge to and we had the BEST time!! We played for over an hour and my what a workout that is!! I was exhausted by the time we were done, especially since when you play 1 v 1 (one person versus one person) you have to run up and down the whole field. We took turns shooting penalty kicks at each other (I think I stopped the ball once) and I greatly improved as the night went on. I have good ball control + a little bit of moves but I lack power and speed; some things to work on now! It was so much fun that I want to do it more often. I absolutely love unconventional exercise that gets you moving and is so fun you don’t think about how hard you are working.


I must work soccer and tennis into our rotation more. Dexter followed and that was it for Sunday. Now some big news- I have officially BEAT my running goal for the year!! It’s so crazy because last year I set my goal at 200 miles and didn’t even complete 100 by the end of 2013. Well here it is still August and I’ve already ran over 150 this year. This makes me feel so proud as it is most definitely the most I’ve ever run in a year and it just fuels the urge to run even more! Hooray!

740.5/1,400 miles. 152/150 running miles!!!


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