16 Aug

Let’s see here…I believe we are in July now on our vacation posts! Tuesday, July 1st to be exact. This was a big day because it was the day the US played Belgium in the World Cup. Zach, Kori and I got up and got ready for the game and headed into Atlanta to Kori’s place of work – Fado Irish Pub.



Kori and I talk on the phone almost every day and she is constantly telling me about Fado, the people who work there and waiting tables. I was so excited to see it all in person so I could picture it whenever she talked about it! Ironically Fado also happened to be the number one place in America (there are several of them across the states but this one is the original) to watch the World Cup games. This was awesome but because of it’s popularity it meant that we had to get there at 11am to get a good table for the 4pm game!! We came armed and ready to spend the whooooole day there. We hadn’t had any breakfast so we decided to get some food now and then food later for a late “lunch”. Fado has traditional Irish food that is incredibly good! We all 3 shared wings, boxty with a queso and some type of Irish fries with chicken curry and it was all wonderful.

IMG_2897 IMG_2898 IMG_2899


We ate, drank, took pictures and played cards all while sitting in the best seat of the house.



IMG_2902 IMG_2908

As the day went on it started to fill up rapidly. There were no seats left by 2pm, still 2 hours before the game! It was insane. There was a line out the door and stretched out down the block…


Through it all we kept our spot right in the very front of one of the rooms (Fado is huge) in front of a giant screen. We got all our USA gear on and soon we were standing and singing the national anthem together like the proud Americans we are.

IMG_2912 IMG_2914

We ordered more food around 4-


Shephards pie, a boxty wrap and some type of quesadilla. All of which only got partially eaten the rest of the day because it was so much food! After a not-too-long 5 hour wait it was game time.


Some people really got in the spirit…


The first half of the game was good with US controlling the ball really well and we went into half-time 0 to 0. We people watched and found lots of things to laugh about. Unfortunately Belgium WAY outplayed us in the second half. In extra time they scored twice, we scored once and then it was the end of the road for USA. A bummer, but SUCH a fun environment to watch the game in!! We had a great time and couldn’t believe we’d been there for 7+ hours!!

IMG_2927 IMG_2929 IMG_2932

Only four more years until the next world cup…


After our day at Fado was done Kori had a surprise for us and we took off driving. Suddenly we were in a random neighborhood pulling up in front of a house and Kori announced it was Rick’s house is season 1 of Walking Dead!! Zach and I LOVE Walking Dead so this was so exciting!!



Next we drove past a storefront that was in season 1 when Rick was trapped inside of a tank.


It was surreal seeing these places in real life! We went back to Fado because we thought some of Kori’s friends were going to hang out with us but they ended up all flaking out so the three of us went to Six Feet Under to sit up on their rooftop patio.


We had to wait quite some time at the bar before a spot opened up but the views of downtown Atlanta made it all worth it!


Even though we hadn’t had supper and it was pushing 10pm, we weren’t all that hungry from our day of heavy, Irish foods. We decided to get gator bites and fried okra and call it a meal.


We ate and played the story game and the ABC category game and we got ourselves laughing so hard we couldn’t stop. 🙂 Those times are the best times!

IMG_2982 IMG_2989 IMG_2993

After Six Feet Under Kori had a few more spots to take us to on our “tour”. The next one was supposed to be the quarry where Rick finds the other survivors but as we’re driving to this spot it’s getting more and more ghetto. When we come upon the gravel drive we are supposed to take Kori realizes we’re in Grove Park, after midnight, apparently THE worst neighborhood in all of Atlanta! We looked up stuff about Grove Park when we got home and people get shot and victimized there constantly! Yikes. We high-tailed it out of there and, needless to say, did not see the quarry. We did however see the hospital where Rick woke up and the CDC building.

IMG_3001 IMG_3002


We got back and put on a movie but fell asleep almost immediately for it was well into Wednesday morning by that point!


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