15 Aug

Wednesday’s weather was absolutely perfect which was a big deal since I spent the whole day at King’s Island!!! For those of you who may not know what that is, King’s Island is a very large amusement park right outside of Cinncinnati, Ohio and I went almost every summer growing up. Zach and I have gone there at least 8 or 9 times (if not more) since we started dating and the park is so familiar to me. Well Wednesday I had my sub come at 9:30 in the morning and this time it was a King’s Island day with Hillary! Despite being busy in the morning I still managed to squeeze in 30 minutes on the gazelle as well as pack a salad to take in the car. King’s Island food is expensive + unhealthy so I only wanted to be responsible for eating one meal there. I also managed to fix a meal in the morning since I needed to use my fish. I made Oven-Fried Fish from Easy Dinners, Healthy Recipes. It was super simple. I just dipped my fish in egg whites then in a mix of cornmeal + bread crumbs + lemon-pepper seasoning + olive oil. Then I baked them in the oven and stuck them in the fridge for Zach to eat later!


When Kathy showed up we took off and despite missing an exit due to talking (I am two for two on that one lately…) we got there in good time and were in the park ready to ride rides by 12:30.


We had been hoping that since it was a Wednesday and most schools were back in session that it wouldn’t be too busy. We went to a smaller ride first; an old wooden coaster called Adventure Express so that Hillary could ease back in to coaster riding. This ride never has a line and we waited for almost 15 minutes! I though “Uh-oh…this is NOT a good sign”.


After Adventure Express we went to Vortex and guess what? NO line! It turned out to be a great day for riding rides weather-wise and crowd-wise. We had sunny skies and warm (but not too hot) weather all day. As far as lines go we had one ride that we waited an hour to get on but other then that we never waited more than 30 minutes (usually less than 10). After Vortex we rode the Beast (a classic) which is the longest wooden roller coaster in the world. The ride lasts for over 4 minutes!


We did Backlot Stunt Coaster next which is supposed to look like a movie set from the Italian Job. It’s not that exciting of a ride but the props are cool.


After Hillary had worked her nerve up it was time for one of my favorite King’s Island rides – Diamondback!

DSCF1091 DSCF1092

This is a newer ride that has the highest hill in the park, a practically inverted drop, cool stadium seating and is soo smooth. I love smooth coasters, so much better than being jerked around and getting a headache! We took a break after Diamondback and went to get Graeter’s ice cream. Hillary always talks about Graeters but I had never had it. I got a small cup (which still seemed huge) of cookies and cream and it WAS a very good ice cream! We walked to Windseeker next which reminded me of the swings at a fair except much, much higher.


The ride wasn’t very fast but the view was good! Hillary doesn’t like heights though so this was not her favorite haha!

DSCF1098 DSCF1101

Our hour wait was after this for Flight of Fear, an indoor coaster. This one has always been one of my favorites and is definitely worth waiting for. I hopped in a non-existent line for Delirium to ride alone.

DSCF1102 DSCF1108

Hillary doesn’t like that one but it’s one of my favorites! A giant, spinning swing that is so much fun. 🙂 We were excited after this because it was time to ride a new ride- Banshee!


It had just opened this year and was the world’s longest inverted coaster. You sit with your feet hanging and a lot of the ride is upside down. We figured there would be a huge wait for this but surprisingly there was almost none at all! We rode and loved it so much we hopped right back in line to ride again! I think this may be my new favorite ride at King’s Island. 🙂 We rode Invertigo next which is showing it’s age in the amount of jerking us around that it did.


We decided to take a coaster break and went on the Viking Boat which was amusing in that it has almost zero excitement and almost no people riding it! When we were finished the guy asked “How was your ride, riders?” and one kid yelled “WHOO!” and no one else did anything, then the guy said “Sounds incredible” in a total monotone and Hillary and I lost it. It was too funny! We decided to hit Diamondback once more before eating some supper. In a King’s Island tradition we got La Rosa’s pizza and shared the breadstick/pizza plate. It really isn’t that great but you get so hungry walking all day that the pizza always tastes awesome. 🙂


We discussed what to do since we’d ridden literally everything we wanted to ride and settled on riding Banshee one last time and calling it a day.


We left the park at 6:45 and had ridden 14 times in less than 7 hours, that’s a fantastic day at the amusement park! We made good time getting home and my legs were completely exhausted from being on my feet all day. It was so nice to cuddle up with Zach on the couch and also so nice to get a full night’s sleep. I had worried we wouldn’t be getting home until late and I’d be dead all of Thursday and instead I got even more sleep than I bargained for! Completely satisfied my roller coaster craving for the summer. 🙂 (Gonna count the day as 3 miles of walking though I have no clue. Feeling like it was more possibly…problems of a girl with a dead Fitbit…)

Thursday rundown

  • gazelle
  • afternoon arm workout (20 pushups, 20 dead lifts, 20 woodchippers, 20 bicep curls, 20 flies, 20 tricep dips, 20 dumbbell snatch and 10 half pull-ups)
  • ate that oven-fried fish for lunch and it was okay but not great, wouldn’t make again
  • run after work on the treadmill – 4 miles in 42 minutes! First 4 miler since Florida and it felt awesome!!
  • hung out with Mom sharing nachos and a margarita out on Casa del Sol’s patio
  • visited briefly with Mom and Dad
  • spent time with my husband
  • slept

Now you are caught up. 🙂

728.5/1,400 miles. 145.5/150 running miles.


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